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Flow & Level Instrumentation

An industry leader working with state-of-the-art equipment, GF Piping Systems has manufactured thermoplastic piping systems and instrumentation for decades. We specialize in water cycle applications, but offer complete solutions for the conveyance, measurement and control of many liquids. Dependable, flexible and committed to customer satisfaction, our staff members deliver piping products exactly as promised, and are always at hand to answer any questions. Headquartered in Mississauga and registered to ISO 9001:2008, we are committed to minimizing pollution in the modern world, and to protecting the wellbeing of our employees, neighbours and surroundings.

Flow & Level Instrumentation Product Line

We manufacture many products that measure levels and flow rates.

  • The 525 Metalex Flow Sensor is a ruggedly built sensor that resists extreme pressures and temperatures. Constructed from stainless steel and featuring insertion paddlewheel technology, it can be used in pressures up to 1500 PSI.
  • The 8550 ProcessPro Flow Transmitter converts signals from flow sensors into a 4-20 mA signal for long distance transmission. It features dual input and output capability, two optional relays for process control and scalability for almost any flow range or engineering unit.
  • The 2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor consists of an injection-molded PVDF body and a ceramic diaphragm to increase its functionality in corrosive liquids. This sensor disregards false level signals that may be given from steam vapors, foam or debris.

Flow & Level Instrumentation Industrial Applications

Our flow and level instruments serve customers working in storage tank monitoring, inventory management, plating lines, overflow protection, water distribution, pump protection, HVAC and boiler feedwater monitoring.

Flow & Level Instrumentation Manufacturing Process and Customization Options

We offer custom products including piping assemblies and spools, subassemblies, core materials, valve boxes and cabinets. Our engineering team can also provide custom design, research and development, machining and welding services. We can either modify our existing products or create new products to best meet your exact requirements. We also focus on sustainable development, and prioritize human and ecological health as we continue to innovate the piping industry.

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