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Double Containment Pipes

In an ISO 9001-registered facility, GF Piping Systems engineers and manufactures durable pipes, valves, actuators and more. We specialize in water cycle applications, but offer complete solutions for the conveyance, measurement and control of many liquids. Reliable, friendly and devoted to customer satisfaction, our teams deliver dependable piping products exactly as promised, and will answer any questions that you might have. An experienced industry leader, we are committed to minimizing pollution in the modern world, and to protecting both human and environmental wellbeing.

Double Containment Pipes Product Line

We manufacture two models of double containment pipes. These pipes provide additional security when transporting hazardous fluids. Should the interior pipe leak, the media will be contained within the outside pipe.

  • The Fuseal Squared double containment system is a cost-effective and safe way to transport corrosive waste from industrial or laboratory applications. Molded from flame-retardant polypropylene and polyvinylidene fluoride, these pipes can withstand intermittent temperatures up to 212ºF and pressures up to 50 PSI.
  • The Double-See double containment system features a valve-in-valve design that allows full containment pressure rating. Molded from clear and grey PVC and CPVC, these pipes are easy to install, examine and maintain. With 100% tested fittings, this system ensures safe conveyance of toxic media.

Double Containment Pipes Industrial Applications

Our double containment piping systems are frequently used in the chemical process, food and beverage, water and wastewater treatment, and metal plating industries.

Double Containment Pipes Manufacturing Process and Customization Options

Through rigorous audits, self-assessments and reviews, we are committed to sustainable development, and prioritize the health of our environment, employees and neighbours as we innovate the piping industry.

We can also provide custom services and products. Our engineering team offers customized design, research and development, machining and welding services. Products made to suit your specific needs include piping assemblies and spools, subassemblies, core materials, valve boxes and cabinets.

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