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We stock sieves that are designed to properly separate desirable goods from undesirable material. When you’re working with products such as grain, it’s essential that you pass your products through a sieve. Failing to do so could let harmful or unwanted material into your applications, contaminating them or worsening the quality of your product. Geneq Inc. carries a range of sieves and accessories that require little maintenance and are designed to last, reducing unnecessary costs while still performing. Contact us today to see what sieve solutions we can provide for your business.

Manual and automatic sieves available

We carry both manual and automated sieves for your convenience. Manual sieves include grain sieves with special perforation from Dockage. Made of steel, they come in a wide variety of perforations and sizes to ensure that only the right material is let through. We also carry sieves in a wide variety of models, including slotted sieves, canola and buckwheat sieves, round hole sieves and more. Aside from agricultural sieves, we offer products from Endecotts that are designed to be used for laboratory work. These products are made of stainless steel and come in 200mm and 300mm widths, each with full and half height options.      We also carry the Air Sizer 200, which separates dry particles that are too fine for manual sieves. This product features an adjustable nozzle speed and is designed to run cleanly, saving your from having to provide maintenance or extra sanitation. We also carry a wide range of accessories to go with your sieves, such as shakers, brushes, storage racks and more.

Provide excellent cleanliness

Our products are designed to separate a wide variety of materials, ensuring greater purity and cleanliness. They can be used in industries as diverse as food processing, agriculture, laboratory work and so much more.


Since 1972, we have sold and distributed high quality scientific instruments to the Canadian industrial market. With our wide selection of goods, we have expanded to serve a devoted worldwide clientele.

We represent the following manufacturers:

Endecotts:      Operating since 1936, Endicotts manufactures high-quality sieves for a variety of industries. Based in the United Kingdom, they operate in over 80 countries around the world.

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