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We carry a wide range of ovens designed to suit your industrial needs. Buying an oven for your business is the same as any purchase you make. You want to buy a product that provides excellent value and works well for your needs. At Geneq Inc., we can meet those needs. Our wide selection ensures that we are bound to stock an oven that fits your specific applications. Furthermore, many of our products are built to last and designed to provide energy-efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your heating product.

Variety of ovens available

We carry a range of oven solutions to meet your needs. We carry Quincy Lab’s acclaimed line of bench ovens. Their 21-350, 31-350 and 21-350ER models can hold up to 80 lbs. of material and are insulated with thermal fibers to save energy. Quincy’s analog bench oven holds up to 7.8 feet, with mineral wool providing insulation to its steel interior. Its digital bench oven can hold a similar capacity, but features a microprocessor that allows for greater temperature accuracy. We also carry a forces convection model with a blower, steel interior and exterior, and more.      We also carry a range of ovens for different applications. Heratherm general protocol ovens help save on energy and offer controls that are easy to master. Our large capacity ovens can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and can hold up to 50 lbs. on each of its two racks. From inert atmosphere ovens to cabinet ovens, we offer a wide variety of other options to help your business.

Uses in pharmaceuticals, laboratories and more

Our ovens offer a wide range of uses for your practical needs. The large capacity ovens can be used to dry samples, while bench ovens can be used to bake, dry and dehydrate samples, among many other applications. Our cabinet ovens are ideal for pharmaceutical production and the asphalt rolling thin film oven is ideal for infrastructure work. Many of our other ovens offer diverse applications across industries such as industrial lab work, scientific study and more.

About us

With over 40 years of service under our belt, Geneq Inc. is one of the top providers of scientific instruments in Canada.

We represent the following manufacturers:

Quincy Lab:      For over 35 years, Quincy Lab Inc. has supplied customers with cost-efficient oven solutions.

Grieve Corporation:      Since 1949, Grieve Corporation has made high-quality industrial heating products.

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