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Plastics and Alloys Densimeter

Geneq Inc. can supply materials densimeters for general-purpose, high accuracy measuring of solid and liquid specific gravity. These densimeters feature high resolution, a wide measurement range, easy operation, and short measuring times.  They are capable of measuring all types of liquids and solids including large objects. They are supplied with all the accessories you could need. In addition to densimeters, we offer a wide range of testing and measuring instruments. Our products are used for applications including research, quality control, and product analysis. The equipment we supply consistently fulfills or exceeds customer requirements.

Plastics and alloys densimeter

The model MD-300 S densimeter can measure the density of liquids, density and volume of solids, and the percentage of main material. It offers high resolution of 0.001 grams per cubic centimeter, and it has a measuring range from 0.01 grams up to 300 grams.

This densimeter features easy operation, as the sample can be simply placed on the container and into the water. It also has short measuring times, of about 10 seconds. This model offers a large square container and water tank that make it easy to measure large and floating objects. Ethanol can be used as a liquid medium with this densimeter thanks to the standard water tank made with Styrol.

Standard and optional accessories

An interface is supplied with the densimeter as standard. They are available with a comparator function with an optional buzzer sound. Some of the accessories we provide include a transparent plastic cover, a wind shield for air tight protection, tweezers, thermometer, a 200 gram weight, and more. The densimeter is also available with an optional printer and liquid density kit.

Company expertise

Geneq Inc. has been in business since 1972. Our company is known for state-of-the-art products and an excellent price-quality ratio. We have experienced sales representatives with the technical knowledge and professional qualifications to advise our clients.

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