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The Elcometer 456 features efficiency, durability, and ease of use.

Coating thickness gauge Elcometer 456

Geneq Inc. can provide the Elcometer 456 for reliable and accurate coating thickness measurements. This coating thickness gauge offers a number of features including ease of use, accuracy, reliability, durability, and efficiency. With the capability to take readings every half a second, this gauge can significantly reduce the time needed to inspect large coated areas. The Elcometer also offers a number of measurement modes for different applications. For instance, Counted Average Mode enables a number of individual gauge readings to be taken within a spot measurement while the gauge stores ...

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The iSXBlue II+ GPS features high accuracy and reliability.

GPS Global Positioning Systems

A variety of global positioning systems (GPS) are available from Geneq Inc. Our selection includes surveying, precision, and recreational types ranging from handhelds to backpack systems. We can offer GPS from leading manufacturers such as Gintec, GeoMax, and GlobalSat. We also provide our SXBlue series that use SBAS as the only needed source of differential correction, so they can provide real-time positioning all the time. These GPS are designed to work where they are needed, whether in the city or in the forest, all day long. Geneq Inc. has been in operation since 1972, and we have exper...

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Material densimeters from Geneq Inc. offer high accuracy and easy operation.

Plastics and Alloys Densimeter

Geneq Inc. can supply materials densimeters for general-purpose, high accuracy measuring of solid and liquid specific gravity. These densimeters feature high resolution, a wide measurement range, easy operation, and short measuring times.  They are capable of measuring all types of liquids and solids including large objects. They are supplied with all the accessories you could need. In addition to densimeters, we offer a wide range of testing and measuring instruments. Our products are used for applications including research, quality control, and product analysis. The equipment we supply c...

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We carry a wide range of bench ovens to suit your specific application


We carry a wide range of ovens designed to suit your industrial needs. Buying an oven for your business is the same as any purchase you make. You want to buy a product that provides excellent value and works well for your needs. At Geneq Inc., we can meet those needs. Our wide selection ensures that we are bound to stock an oven that fits your specific applications. Furthermore, many of our products are built to last and designed to provide energy-efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your heating product. Variety of ovens available We carry a range of oven solutions to meet your nee...

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We offer a variety of stainless steel sieves designed to meet your specific application


We stock sieves that are designed to properly separate desirable goods from undesirable material. When you’re working with products such as grain, it’s essential that you pass your products through a sieve. Failing to do so could let harmful or unwanted material into your applications, contaminating them or worsening the quality of your product. Geneq Inc. carries a range of sieves and accessories that require little maintenance and are designed to last, reducing unnecessary costs while still performing. Contact us today to see what sieve solutions we can provide for your business. Manual a...

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The MTG and PTG range of thickness gauges is available from Geneq Inc.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Geneq Inc. can supply the MTG and PTG range of ultrasonic thickness gauges from Elcometer. The MTG and PTG range consists of material and precision thickness gauges. They feature easy operation, accuracy, and efficiency. They are the perfect choice for measurement and recording of material thicknesses from 0.2 millimeters to 500 millimeters. These thickness gauges were designed specifically for ease-of-use. As a result, it is simple to calibrate, take readings, and create inspection reports. Some of the other advantages offered by these gauges include high efficiency, durability, and multip...

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