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Rubber Mouldings: Transfer, Compression, and Injection Methods

We can perform rubber moulding to meet your product needs. At Falpaco Rubber and Plastics Inc., we manufacture a wide range of products for industries. Our dedicated staff works with the moulds that you choose and can offer expert advice on the methods that will best help you achieve your goal. With three moulding options for you to choose from, we can provide moulding work that offers unique surfaces, inserts and more. Contact us today to see how our 15 years of experience can help you.

Three different moulding options for your convenience

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to handle a wide variety of moulding tasks. In the past, we have carried out transfer moulding, compression moulding, injection moulding and more on rubber. Our compression moulding system uses high pressure to cure the pressure into shape, operating at a low-cost and creating little material waste. Transfer moulding, meanwhile, uses a plunger to force the rubber through a sprue and into a mould, where it is cured. This method offers the ability to use inserts in molding, and is a faster method than compression moulding. Finally, injection moulding involves melting solid rubber parts by using a heater, before using a nozzle to send the rubber into a mould.  It can produce high numbers of products for little money and allows for more precision in making parts.

Applications across industries

We have done rubber moulding work for companies in the construction, electrical, hardware and public transit industries, as well as many others. Our compression moulding is ideal for larger parts.

High level of customization and assistance

Our company delivers specialized options designed to fit your needs. We are flexible about our product runs and can deliver small, medium or large-sized orders. We work based on our customers’ designs and specifications, but also offer extensive assistance to ensure you get the product you’re looking for. We can also create added value by making your materials more resistant to heat, chemicals, weather and more.

About us

For over 15 years, Falpaco Plastic and Rubber has provided rubber, thermoplastic and polymer solutions for a number of diverse industries. Based in Granby, we work in-house to ensure the highest-quality output possible.


Falpaco Rubber and Plastics Inc.

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