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Mould Makers: Custom Inection and Compression Models

We offer mould making services designed to help you receive the right product. The wrong mould can wreak havoc on your part, leading to surface imperfections, warping and more. At Falpaco Rubber and Plastics Inc., we can make moulds that will ensure you get the highest quality product possible. Whether you need moulds for plastic or rubber, injection or compression, we have the tools necessary to make it happen. With a highly-trained and experienced staff, in-house manufacturing capabilities and more, you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you contact us.

Three types of moulds available to be made

In addition to our own moulding prowess, we can manufacture moulds designed to suit your unique application. We offer custom injection and compression moulds designed to work with rubber and plastic, as well as transfer moulds for rubber. Our injection moulds are designed to receive molten material from a nozzle, and can be engineered to eliminate imperfections, warping and more. We can make our compression moulds that will drain excess material and provide detailed casting, creating small amounts of waste and maximizing value. We can also make transfer moulds, which provide greater manufacturing speeds and allows you to insert metal materials into your finished products.

Numerous uses and applications

We have made and designed products for a wide variety of industries. These include hardware, furniture, construction and sporting equipment companies and many more.

Unprecedented custom service

Our mould-making capabilities are designed to offer clients the perfect customized moulding solutions for their needs. We offer unprecedented customization and flexibility in our production methods. We can meet a wide variety of production deadlines. We also work extensively with our customers’ designs and specifications, and we provide assistance and consultation when necessary.

About us

With operations in Granby, Quebec, we provide plastic and rubber moulding solutions across industries. We have produced customized products in-house for over 20 years.


Falpaco Rubber and Plastics Inc.

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