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Injection Moulds Including Complex Designs

We use injection moulds to manufacture rubber and plastic products. At Falpaco Rubber and Plastics Inc., we use, make and sell injection moulds that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Injection moulds can be used to create large orders quickly, with little cost to consumers or businesses once infrastructure is in place. This moulding practice also creates detailed and highly complex parts that wouldn’t be possible with another molding method. Buying with Falpaco will ensure that, from the time you first contact us until you receive your product, you will receive helpful, honest and efficient customer service.

Wide variety of materials to choose from

We offer injection moulding for various kinds of rubbers and plastics. To begin, we insert the solid plastic or rubber into a feeder. It then falls into a cylinder, where it melts and gets compressed into our moulds. Through this process, we can produce a wide variety of highly detailed and unique parts at low cost to our customers. These parts can feature simple or complex designs, depending on our clients’ needs.      Our varieties of rubber include neoprene, nitrile, silicone, natural rubber and more, while we use plastics such as polypropylene, polystyrene, Teflon, nylon and more. For plastic products, we can use bi-injection methods to mix two different types of materials and colours.

Numerous industries served

We have provided parts to the electrical, furniture, hardware and construction industries, as well as many others.

Excellent customer service

While our injection moulding capabilities are top-notch, our expertise and customer service skills are what truly sets us apart from our competitors. We offer truly flexible service. We can provide a wide variety of runs, from small loads to large product shipments, and we sure that our products are shipped quickly so you have them when you need them. We work from our clients’ designs, both when choosing moulds and when making the product. If necessary, we can also consult and advise on technical matters. We also make custom moulds designed to craft your product around a specific design.

About us

We have provided moulding solutions for over 20 years. Based in Granby, Quebec, we endeavour to provide top-quality service and products that deliver exceptional value to our customers.


Falpaco Rubber and Plastics Inc.

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