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Gaskets in a Range of Plastics and Both Synthetic and Natural Rubber

We can manufacture gaskets in a wide variety of materials and sizes. Gaskets form a seal between surfaces to prevent leaking, abrasion and more. As a result, the wrong gasket can lead to inefficient machinery, lost production and, over time, costs accrued by damages and repairs. Falpaco Plastic and Rubber Inc. can make sure that this never happens to your business. We can custom manufacture gasket solutions for your business out of durable and long-lasting rubber and plastic. We use variety of moulding techniques to best suit your products.

Rubber and plastic gaskets available

We use a wide variety of materials to make your ideal gaskets. We carry a variety of synthetic and natural rubber, including silicone, neoprene, nitrile and more, each of which are commonly used in gasket production. Our plastics include Teflon, polyethylene, polystyrene and more. Synthetic rubbers are ideal for low temperature applications, while our Teflon and plastics can withstand greater pressure, temperature and chemicals. Our rubber gaskets seal tightly and can keep their form through a number of trying applications, while our plastic gaskets tend to age better than rubber gaskets. We have a number of moulding options available to help produce your gears, including compression, injection and transfer moulding.

Used across industries

Our gaskets can be used across numerous industries. They can be used to prevent leaks, environmental damage, vibration and more. They have been used in the automotive, machining and manufacturing industry.      Falpaco Plastic and Rubber Inc. has also served diverse industries such as public transit, plumbing, hardware and more.

High level of customer service

There are numerous incentives to working with Falpaco Rubber and Plastics Inc. From the time you contact us, we will work to your designs and desires, providing advice if necessary. We will then make your product according to your wishes, with possibilities for unique services like bi-injection moulding and further resistance to elements like chemicals, heat or weather. From there, we can send your product to you on time in runs both large and small.

About Us

For over 20 years, we have strived to make the perfect parts for our clients. With a 15,000 foot facility in Granby, Quebec and a knowledgeable, driven staff, we’ve been providing those parts to northeastern North America.


Falpaco Rubber and Plastics Inc.

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