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Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting from Enflo Canada Ltd is available in a wide range of thicknesses to meet your needs, from .001 to 7 inches. We work with a variety of PTFE materials including virgin, reprocessed, Enflon (filled PTFE) and Super PTFE. They feature a low friction coefficient, anti-stick properties, resistance to high temperatures, and exceptional insulating capabilities. They are also chemically inert to most substances. Since our founding in 1956, our company has been providing molded, skived, and extruded PTFE products. We focus on providing cost-effective solutions to surpass customer expectations.  

Plastic sheeting

We can provide both skived and molded PTFE sheet. They are available in either roll form or sheets that have been cut-to-size. Our skived sheeting can be supplied in thicknesses ranging from .001 to .250 inches within precise tolerances (as low as +/- .0003 and no higher than .020 inches). The weight for these various thicknesses ranges from .012 to 3 Lbs. per square foot. We can supply our skived sheet up to 72 inches wide.

Our molded sheets range from 3/16 to 7 inches thick, and weigh between 2.25 and 84 Lbs. per square foot. They are available in cut sheet sizes from 12 x 12 inches to 48 x 48 inches.

Upon request, we can perform services including stress relieving and sodium-ammonia etching. Etching is available on one or both sides and is for adhering our PTFE to other surfaces.

Plastic sheeting expertise

Our two manufacturing plants produce PTFE custom parts, sheets, rolls, tapes, film, rods, tubes, and more for our customers around the world. We can provide rapid turnaround and same-day shipping for our standard products. Call us with any inquiries or fill out our online contact form and our knowledgeable salespeople will promptly assist you.

Plastic sheeting industries

As one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical grade PTFE products, we have experience serving a variety of markets. PTFE and Teflon® fluoropolymer products are used in manufacturing, electrical engineering, aerospace, telecommunications, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical industries.

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