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Multi-Nozzle Exhauster.

Air & Gas Exhausters

Pumping Gases Using Motive Liquid and Steam/Compressed Gas - ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Eductors, Exhausters, Infusers & Gas-Jet Ejectors and Exhausters  Pumping Gases Using Motive Liquid ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Eductors, Exhausters, and Gas & Chemical Infusers use liquid under pressure as the Motive fluid for the purpose of pumping gases and/or vapors. 'TLL Series' Liqui-Jet Eductors are relatively inexpensive liquid powered devices that will pump smaller volumes of gas/vapor, and create significant (28 in-Hg) vacuum. They are typically used where smaller volumes of gas are to be pumped and where liqui...

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Sanitary Liqui-Jet Solids Eductor


Using Motive Liquid and Compressed Gas - ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet & Gas-Jet Solids Eductors Pumping Solids Using Motive Liquid ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Solids Eductors use liquid under pressure as the motive fluid, and effectively pump or convey granular solids or slurries. Inlet liquid pressures for this type of eductor are typically in a range from 10 to 100 psig. Solids flowrate and conveying distance are a function of eductor selection, as well as material properties and downstream piping considerations. Liqui-Jet Solids Eductors are available with Dry-Feed hoppers and Washdown style hoppers. The W...

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Cast Body Threaded Eductors


Using Motive Liquid and Steam/Compressed Gas - ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Eductors & Gas-Jet Steam Siphons Pumping Liquids Using Motive Liquids ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Eductors use water or other liquids under pressure as the Motive fluid, and operate on the venturi principle to pump other liquids or slurries. The high-velocity jet of liquid from the eductor nozzle entrains the suction liquid, creating a vacuum, and causing the suction liquid to be pumped. 'TLL Series' Liqui-Jet Eductors are optimized to achieve the best combination of Suction Capacity and available Suction Lift using the least amount o...

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One main advantage to jet apparatus is there are no moving parts.

Jet Apparatus

'Jet Apparatus' is a term typically used to identify a piece of equipment that uses a fluid under pressure (liquid/gas/vapor), to perform work on, and in direct contact with, another medium (liquid/gas/vapor/granular solid), in a defined, predictable way. The main principle governing the operation of typical Jet-Apparatus is Conservation of Momentum. When fluid pressure (potential energy), is converted into fluid velocity (kinetic energy), by means of a constricting orifice (i.e. Converging Nozzle), there exists an associated useful pressure drop. For a constant primary fluid mass flowrate ...

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Steam Injection Slurry Heater.

Steam Spargers

Heating Liquids External to and Inside a Tank - ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Line-Type Heaters & Gas-Jet Steam Spargers Heating Liquids External to a Tank (In-Line) LMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Line-Type Heaters are a highly efficient and economical means of heating small to large volumes of liquids 'in-line.' The liquid to be heated is accelerated through a specially designed narrow-angle full-cone converging nozzle where it emerges at high velocity as a multitude of liquid droplets. These liquid droplets provide a considerably larger surface area upon which steam can condense than a solid stream of liquid of ...

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Elmridge mixing eductors are available in a variety of materials.

Tank Mixers

Mixing Liquids Inside a Tank Liqui-Jet Mixing Eductors ELMRIDGE 'ME Series' Liqui-Jet Mixing Eductors vigorously and efficiently circulate the liquid contents of tanks without powered impellers or other insertion-type rotating mechanical devices.  ELMRIDGE 'ME SERIES' Liqui-Jet Mixing Eductors operate on the same principle as our standard line of liquid-powered Jet-Apparatus.  Liquid is pumped through the Eductor nozzle, emerging at a relatively high velocity, creating a localized zone of lower pressure.  Tank contents are drawn to this lower pressure zone, where the momentum of the motive ...

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