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One Source For All Your Quantitative Measuring Needs. With Over 50 Yrs.Of Experience In The Instrumentation Field. It Offers Expert Solutions For Any Measuring Problem. Our Instrument Specialists Are Geared With The Right Tools & Knowledge To Assess Your Needs From Pressure, To Displacement, Acceleration And Much More

In addition to our hands-on personal attention, Durham Instruments is proud to offer a superior line of quality measuring instruments. By only partnering with the best leading suppliers, Durham Instruments ensures each instrument to be the most reliable, accurate and durable in the market.

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PACEline Piezoelectric Force Transducers.

Load Cells

Durham Instruments has over 50 years of experience supplying instrumentation such as load cells. We have a comprehensive selection that makes us the perfect source for all of your quantitative measurement equipment. Some of the available load cells include hydraulic, pneumatic, and strain gauge varieties, among many others. Our instrument specialists can provide personalized service to assist with load cell selection. They will assess your needs and help find a solution that meets your specific requirements. The products we supply are among the most dependable, accurate, and ruggedly design...

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Accelerometers from Durham Instruments.

Measuring Instruments

Measuring instruments of all types are available from Durham Instruments. We are the perfect single source supplier for all your quantitative measuring instruments and related equipment. The products we supply range from laser sensors to pressure transducers and transmitters. Our specialists have the technical knowledge to assist with virtually any application ranging from industrial automation to research fields.  They can help you determine the requirements involved with your project, and recommend the best solutions. We maintain a supply chain of top manufacturers known for their extensi...

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Pressure sensors and transmitters.

Pressure Sensors

Durham Instruments supplies a wide range of pressure sensors and transmitters.  Our sensors are used for measuring the pressure of both liquids and gasses. They provide an electric signal that indicates pressure per unit area as a well as other variables such as flow, speed, level, and altitude. The many applications for pressure sensors range from aircraft and automobiles to weather instruments, rockets, and satellites. In fact, practically every modern machine involves the use of a pressure sensor. They are also sometimes referred to as manometers, pressure transducers, or pressure indica...

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The 10-point Accu-Dial potentiometer can measure set points

Electrical Measuring, Testing, Recording Instruments

Electrical measuring, testing and recording instruments from Durham Instruments can help you proactively determine environmental conditions for greater control of your business. We carry potentiometers and recorders that can measure and record voltage data, allowing you to run extensive tests. Designed for easy operation, these products eliminate the need for costly installation and repairs, providing durable performance with an unmatched degree of accuracy and efficiency. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your business's testing capabilities. Efficient design Our potentiomete...

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We offer a range of sensors and other products that work in electronic applications

Electronic Instruments

You will never want for electronic instruments when you shop with Durham Instruments. We carry a full line of versatile and unique goods that can help you obtain accurate and precise environmental readings. Our products can measure anything from acceleration to humidity and more, ensuring that no matter what you are looking to do, we have the component that can help you do it. Each offer unique benefits, such as long life, cost- and energy-efficiency, wide functionality and more. Extensive product selection Many of our products, from recorders to load cells to accelerometers, make use of el...

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C Series strain gauges come in three different varieties

Strain Gauge Sensors

With strain gauges from Durham Instruments, you'll be able to accurately pinpoint the level of wear your product is facing. Degradation affects any equipment, regardless of industry. In order to ensure continued efficiency, you need to know when your products are starting to show signs of wear. Our strain gauges stretch or contract with your product over time, representing a simple means of measuring this decay. Easy to apply and available in a range of features, these products offer exceptional value and durable performance. Versatile and effective From standard to optical to temperature b...

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The TIM-EC can transmit readings to other devices using an EtherCAT system

Torque Sensors

Torque sensors from Durham Instruments can detect torque at many different capacities, allowing you to record readings that are more accurate. Our products represent the pinnacle of accuracy, versatility and integration. Whether you want to calibrate a product or measure torque from a stationary standpoint, our products will perform to your exacting requirements. Top quality sensors If you're looking for torque sensors with a variety of interface methods, Durham Instruments is your one-stop shop. Our TIM-EC detects torque and speed-readings and uses an EtherCAT system to transmit them for g...

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One Source For All Your Quantitative Measuring Needs. With Over 50 Yrs.Of Experience In The Instrumentation Field. It Offers Expert Solutions For Any Measuring Problem. Our Instrument Specialists Are Geared With The Right Tools & Knowledge To Assess Your Needs From Pressure, To Displacement, Acceleration And Much More

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