Digital Measurement Metrology Inc (DMM)
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Calibration Services

We provide accredited calibration services in our state-of-the-art laboratory and at our customers’ locations.  We are ISO/IEC Guide 25 certified with traceability to NIST/NRC. We are dedicated to exceeding the highest standards of quality, value, service, and technological advancement in our field. No matter how large or small, we always give our customers the attention needed to guarantee their total satisfaction and confidence in our work. The highly positive results of our annual customer satisfaction surveys are evidence that we are meeting those goals.

Calibration services

In-lab accredited calibration

We perform a wide range of services in the Digital Measurement Metrology Type II Laboratory. The environmental conditions in our laboratory allow us to make micro-inch measurements.  Uncertainty of measurements can be easily demonstrated and calculated to meet the requirements of ISO 17025:2005. We achieve lower uncertainties through reproducibility and a hands-off approach. The calibration services we perform in our laboratory include measurement of dimensions and forces, mass, electronics, flow, and pressure. We utilize micrometers, tension testers, vacuum gages, zeroing blocks, coordinate measuring machines and much more for the variety of services we provide. Our lab environment has a particle count of 10,000 particles per square meter, 23 air changes per hour and relative humidity of 40-55%.

On-site calibration

We can provide on-site calibration using portable, specialized equipment. Our laser calibrations and other services are particularly useful for process control and online measurements.  Some of the services we perform on-site include calibration for flow, temperature, pressure, torque, as well as providing environmental chambers, scales and balances, infrared, optical comparators, hardness testers, surface plates and much more.

Calibration expertise

Digital Measurement Metrology was founded in 1989, focusing on the sale, service and calibration of metrology equipment. Our metrology laboratory was one of the earliest in Ontario to be OEM approved to ISO/IEC Guide 25. Our technicians are thoroughly experienced and receive continuous training.

Industries that we serve: automotive, manufacturing, nuclear etc.

We are used to serving customers from a wide range of industries such as aerospace, construction, healthcare, natural resources and many others.


Digital Measurement Metrology Inc (DMM)
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