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Steel Key Stock

Steel keystock from Daemar Inc. can help make sure your parts stay in the right spot within your assemblies. Available in a variety of different sizes, we make each of our products our of durable and ductile 1018 steel, ensuring that your products provide the strength and longevity required in tough industrial applications. With many plating options available, our products are sure to remain free of corrosion over the course of their life.

Many different models available

Our line of DMR keystock is available in many different varieties to better cater to your business's unique needs. These include square and rectangular models, each of which are available in 12¿ and 36¿ varieties. We use only the finest 1018 carbon steel, which makes our keystock stronger, harder and more ductile. We finish our stock using high-quality materials, including zinc, stainless and brass.

We also make metric keystock, which is plated in zinc and made from cold drawn steel. These are made in sizes up to 25mm.

Step keystock comes in 12¿ lengths, while gib head keys are designed to fit securely onto shafts with their 1/8¿ tapers. Woodruff keys, meanwhile, are made from 1035 for excellent moisture resistance and less wear over time.

Undersize stock comes in both 1018 and stainless steel, with sizes ranging from 1/8¿ x 1/8¿ up to 1/2" x 5/8¿. Step keystock, meanwhile, comes with zinc plating and in 12¿ lengths.

Perfect for product positioning

Keystock is designed to affix parts such as couplings, gears, sheaves, pulleys and more to their proper positions. As a result, we commonly serve industries such as manufacturing, mining, automotive and more.

Range of services available

In addition to our range of keystock products, Daemar Inc. also works with you to optimize your supply chain through our Quick Turn inventory management system. We can also help your business with its packaging, product sorting, product training and so much more.

About us

For over 40 years, we have brought precision components to Canadian businesses in a range of industries. Contact us today to see how we can help your company.

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