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Seals from Daemar Inc. provide a variety of benefits in countless applications. In many industries, these products are essential to preventing leaks, abrasion, wear and more. A poor quality seal can cause the loss of valuable substances and the degradation of your equipment. With so much on the line, trust us to supply a seal that won't let you down.

Numerous products

We carry a range of products designed to keep your assembly secure. With dozens of models available, these versatile goods are sure to meet your unique needs.

Shaft seals combine cost efficiency with performance in demanding situations. Whether you need to seal against oil or contamination, these seals can prevent harmful leakage without succumbing to environmental factors. Products such as wheel hubs are easily installed and removed, while Teflon energized seals are great for situations where low friction and extreme temperatures are present. Others, such as mechanical seals, work in multiple applications and industries.

Our o-rings, meanwhile, come in 14 different varieties and offer maximum pressure containment of 5,000 psi. Standard molded types offer diverse uses while quad rings come in durable rubbers such as nitrile and fluoroelastomer. Kalrez rings resist chemicals like no other, withstanding over 1,800 substances.

We also offer braided packaging, shaft repair sleeves and hydraulic seals. For more information on our complete range of products, please visit our website.

Uses in many industries

No matter the industry, seals play an important part in a substantial amount of assemblies. You can trust our products to provide exceptional performance in many different industries, including energy, automotive, forestry, aerospace, agriculture and more.

About us

Since 1973, Daemar Inc. has served the industrial marketplace with the parts they need to get the job done. As an ISO 9001 compliant business, we offer products that undergo rigid testing procedures. With a head office in TORONTO and locations across Canada, you can trust us to solve your component needs, wherever you are.

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