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Masking Tape

Masking tape from Daemar Inc. can stand up to harsh conditions to get the job done. You expect tape to protect your products in tough conditions, and our products deliver on this expectation. From extreme temperatures to powerful spray and paint applications, these products offer durable performance. They will not tear or break under strain, nor will they leave residue or leaks behind.

Many different types of tape available

Daemar Inc. stocks many different types of tape, each with unique functions and features. The MTB Series from Caplugs is made of polyester, which helps it protect surfaces during coating and finishing applications. It also sticks to rounded surfaces for more diverse applications.

Caplugs also offers the Series MTK tape, which offers similar performance compared to the MTB Series, but with greater temperature protection. This tape is sure to stay firmly in place, even in heat up to 260 degrees Celsius.

The 22-SH Series can withstand similar temperatures, but is made of silicone, allowing it to be removed faster and more easily. Glass cloth tape offers similar temperature protection with added strength. Our PC198 model won't tear or break at inconvenient points.

The KD11-SH Series only works in temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius, but its crepe backing makes it stronger for performance that is more durable and lines that are clearer.

We also sell polyester and silicone tape in many different colours. The former resist temperatures up to about 204 degrees Celsius, while the latter extends this protection to 315 degrees Celsius. The polyester tape comes in red, blue, yellow and green. It can be removed easily without leaving material behind, making it ideal for coating and anodizing. Silicone tape, meanwhile, offers greater consistency.

Versatile and suited for many different uses

Whether you need to insulate a product or protect a surface during coating, we have tape for any application you can think of. We're equipped to serve industries such as painting, construction and more.

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