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Bearings from Daemar Inc. can help move your products in the right direction. When you want to send keep your product moving in linear directions, trust us to provide the solution that works best for your business. The right steel or ceramic bearing can significantly reduce friction within your assembly, which delays or eliminates wear and keeps your product functioning longer.

Many types of bearings available

Our unique product line features a range of bushings and other bearing-based products. Whether you need an isolator or a product that moves in a linear motion or a more unrestrained model, we have products that work for nearly any application.

The HH Style spherical bearing is made of carbon chromium steel and self-aligns for easy usage. We also carry a range of linear motion products, including self-lubricating products that require little maintenance. The LFG is not only a self-lubricating bearing, but it stands up to heavy shock and vibration. Others, like the LM76, resist corrosion and are quieter compared to comparable products.

Ceramic models make up a large part of our stock, with both open and closed varieties available. Most come in a minimum size of 1/4" and a maximum size of four inches.

Finally, stainless steel bearings offer exceptional durability. They won't rust, corrode or buckle under extreme heat or stress, making them ideal in industries where contamination prevention is essential, such as pharmaceuticals and food processing.

Motion applications for any industry

While our product line is diverse, each of these components works to constrain friction and movement to desirable patterns. Companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, aerospace, marine and more use these goods as a result.

About us

Daemar Inc. has provided excellent service to Canadian businesses for over 40 years. Come to one of our four locations across Canada and see how we can meet your component needs today.

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