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For 51 years Daburn Electronics & Cable has supplied wire, cable and associated hardware, shrinkable tubing, sleeving and cold shrinking tape. We inventory in depth and ship within hours from our vast warehouse stock. We are ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100 certified and we can produce over 500 UL certified styles of wire and cable.
We specialize in ultra-flexible wire and multi-conductor cable, high voltage corona resistant wire and a wide variety of UL certified wire.

To place an order call us at 973-328-3200. Our products can also be ordered online with any major credit card or PayPal.

Our website provides description, features and benefits of our single conductor wire, multi-conductor cable, shrink tubing and non-shrink tubing, insulators, lacing tape and cold shrinking tape.

Also on our website are our quality certifications, a list of over 500 UL certified styles of wire and cable that we can produce, cross reference guides and our latest new products and newsletters.

To learn more about Daburn Electronics & Cable, visit

Year established: 1964
Number of employees: 35

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Daburn #1888 Controlled Impedance Flat Ribbon Cable IDC UL2651


We can supply a wide variety of cable for many different applications. Some of the types of cable we offer include ultra-flexible miniature, instrumentation, flat ribbon cable, shielded and unshielded, co-axial and twin axial, and retractile cords. We maintain a large stock of items so we can provide prompt shipping. We can also offer special constructions to meet requirements such as number of conductors, large put ups, additional color codes and more. Our cables can offer features including resistance to acids, alkalis, flame, high temperatures, and cut-through. Daburn Electronics & Cable...

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Daburn #2430 ETFE Hook-Up Wire Mil-W-22759-16

Hookup Wires

Daburn Electronics & Cable stocks a large variety of insulated hookup wire.  Our wire is available with a range of insulator materials so we can provide the perfect solution for your application. The conductors are made from stranded tinned copper.  Whether you require flexibility and low friction or resistance to heat, chemicals, and flame, we can supply an appropriate wire. Most of our hookup wires have voltage ratings of up to 600V and temperature ratings of -55 C to 105 C. We have over 500 styles of UL certified wire and cable and we can also offer special constructions.  Visit our webs...

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Airplane insulators from Daburn Electronics & Cable.


Daburn Electronics & Cable can supply a wide selection of insulators. The variety available includes ceramic and porcelain insulators designed for many different applications. Some examples include antenna, airplane, and feeder spreader insulators.  Our insulators are high quality and many of them are suitable for use in buss and heavy line applications. Our company has many years of experience. In addition to our selection of insulators, we can offer other electronic hardware including clips, clamps, plugs, jacks, lacing tape, and fastening devices. Insulator Selection Airplane insulators ...

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Stretch-N-Seal tape can be used for applications that do not allow for heat shink tubing.

Lacing Tape

Daburn Electronics & Cable offers a large selection of lacing tape. Our high quality, lacing tape will not cut or damage insulation. We offer many different types of tape to suit special requirements, such as nylon flat braided fiber lacing tape that is resistant to fire, acid, fungus, and abrasion. We supply lacing tape that is finished with PTFE, so it is suitable for high temperature operations. In addition, the PTFE coating increases strength and resistance to abrasion. Our company has many years of experience, a broad inventory, and we maintain a vast stock for fast shipping. Lacing ta...

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A variety of miniature wires are available.

Miniature Wires

A wide variety of miniature wires are available from Daburn Electronics & Cable. Some of our miniature wires are used in medical and physiological applications, and they are suitable for any job that requires small diameters and long flex-life. Our company's wire and cable division has a vast inventory including more than 20,000 standard items that are ready for shipping within hours. In addition, we can offer special constructions with low minimum order sizes.  The many different types of wire we offer include high voltage, high temp, flexible, and more. Miniature wire Some examples of the...

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Daburn #1823 Flat Ribbon Cable · Point-To-Point - Solid Color Coded

Ribbon Wrap Cable

We stock a variety of flat ribbon cable including FEP and PVC constructions. The benefits of our FEP flat ribbon cable include hi-fidelity, reduced crosstalk, low friction, low water absorption, and dense signal transmission with low dielectric constant. Daburn Electronics & Cable offers a range of wire, cables, and electronic components. We maintain a large stock of our 20,000 standard products so we can ship your items within hours of receiving your order. We are also able to easily accommodate special requests. Visit our website for detailed information on all our products, our certifica...

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Daburn #2636 High Voltage Silicone Rubber Wire UL3239


Wire for all applications are available from this established supplier. We offer a vast range of standard wiring, specialty items, and we have the custom manufacturing capabilities to meet all of your needs. We supply wire of many types including antenna wire, busbar wire, computer wire, hook up wire and test lead wire. We provide wire for demanding applications including high voltage, high temperature, flexible and subminiature.  We offer prompt shipping on our standard items and can provide custom solutions even on small orders. Our website lists all our products in detail, or you can con...

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We inventory in depth and ship within 24 hours from our vast warehouse stock.

Daburn Electronics & Cable

Value Proposition

Wire & Cable
We specialize in ultra-flexible wire and multi-conductor cable, high voltage corona resistant wire and a wide variety of UL certified wire. We offer both military and commercial specification wire, cable, shrinkable tubing and sleeving and cold shrinking tape. While we inventory over 20,000 standard items, we frequently run special constructions to order. If you need non-standard constructions, you will find our minimums to be less than the competition.

Electronic Hardware
We stock our own porcelain insulators (stand-offs, feed thru, airplane, strain), plugs and jacks, fastening devices, clips and clamps, lacing cord and tape.

Areas of Expertise

  • Hi voltage Wire

  • Minature Wire

  • Wire

  • Minature Cable

  • Flexible Wire

  • Flexible Cable

  • Cable

  • Hood-up Wire

  • UL wire - 500 UL Certified Styles

  • Hi Temp Wire

  • Ribbon Cable

  • Flat Cable

  • Retractile Cords

  • Coiled cords

  • Non-Shrinkable Tubing

  • Lacing Tape

  • Insulators

  • UL Certification for over 500 styles of Wire, Cable and Tubing


  • Tel. (973) 328-3200

    Jim Flaherty
    New Product Development

  • Tel. (973) 328-3200

    Rita Merring

  • Tel. (973) 328-3200

    Ed Flaherty
    President/Owner/Chief Executive Officer

  • Tel. (973) 328-3200

    Lori Davidek


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • AS 9100C

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