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Machinery Springs

Custom Spring Corporation has all of the right tools and in-house machinery to deliver top quality springs and components for any project application. Since 1973 we have been continuously serving our customers with the best quality manufactured custom springs and metal stamping. We take pride in our machinery to do the job right for you with the best equipment in the industry to create a wide selection of springs and other spring components, wire forms, flat clips, flat wires, metal stampings and metal clips, and various prototypes of different sizes customized to suit your specifications. 

Machinery to provide value to industry 
We always provide outstanding quality at an exceptional cost-effective value. Our specialized machinery allows us to customize our work and produce parts in various shapes and materials to serve numerous industrial applications. Customization is especially useful for providing replacement and/or restoring parts for a cost-saving, yet high-quality performing alternative to ordering new. Aerospace, transportation, military, automotive, furniture, electronics, and medical are just some of the industrial sectors that use our products. We use the best in industry machinery such as high precision steel coil cutters, coiling and wiring machines to customize your most exacting orders to suit the project requirements. 

Specialized manufacturing for quality spring and components 
Spring and component manufacturing is becoming increasingly specialized to produce more unique and complex parts to fit new technologies daily. We are aware of and employ many of the latest advancements in these machining technologies to date. While our commitment to excellent customer service and quality remain the same, Custom Spring Corp strives to continuously improve and grow in its level of knowledge and expertise to better serve your specialized needs. 

Experience direct customer-focused sales and online service 
We have everything to ensure that you receive the right product every time you order with us. Search our online catalogue or get in touch with us by phone to see how we can make a difference in reduced time, cost, and increased performance of your product with custom design or our wide selection in stock. Our catalogue focuses on the most extensive product lines of springs and related components for just about every automotive, furniture, and appliance application. Our experienced sales team representatives are always available to help you decide on the best options and to explain any and all advantages of particular models of springs or components, and all steps involved in the design and manufacturing process.

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