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Coil Springs

Custom Spring Corp coil springs are loaded with 40 years of expertise in custom design, engineering, and manufacturing quality. The importance of genuine coils, as opposed to knock-offs, cannot be underestimated. Genuine coils from Custom Spring Corp are made with stronger, harder steel to continually bounce back. Also known as a helical spring, the genuine coil effectively stores and releases energy, absorbs shock, and maintains force between contacting surfaces when loaded. In contrast, knock-off coils may lead to serious accidents due to premature breakage. Our staff is committed to helping you find genuine and efficient components. Our enduring commitment to customer service ensures that our stock is ready to order, with custom design options also available. We are guaranteed to have cost-efficient spring solutions for your business, and our prompt delivery service will have it to you right when you need it.

Variety of sizes and models for all applications

We are one of Ontario's leading suppliers of metal springs, with a wide variety of coil springs ready for order or designed in-house. Our vast selection is sure to contain a part that suits your specific project application. It includes parts such as tension coils; compression coil spring; torsion coil spring; extension springs; and spring guides in all shapes and sizes ranging from 0.005" to 0.156" in thickness and 0.072" to 2.500" in width.

Coil spring industries served

Most of our clients use coil springs in the automotive, furniture, appliances, construction and electronics industries. Relevant applications include doors, brakes, batteries, upholstery, computer keyboards, mattress coils, plastic moldings, and motors, which serve thousands of applications.

Provincial Leader in spring manufacturing expertise 

Our custom coil springs are available in both full orders and prototypes. We use the very best materials such as exotic alloys, stainless steel, beryllium copper, brass, bronze, Monel, Inconel, and more, so you can expect your Custom Spring Corp coil springs to always bounce back and endure the test of time.

Additional specialty services provided

We also supply springs for repair, maintenance and restoration projects. Proudly serving the exacting needs of our customers since 1973, we are ISO certified and a member of the Spring Manufacturers Institute. Whatever the requirements, we can build springs to your specifications through the design, engineering and manufacturing process. Search our catalogue online to find your specific size capacity or contact our knowledgeable team for assistance with design to ensure you get exactly what you need every time.


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