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Brass, Bronze & Copper Stampings

Custom Spring Corporation is the quintessential expert design and manufacturing one-stop shop for all of your springs and spring-related component needs. We are a leading manufacturer for top quality stampings in addition to wire forms and flat springs for every exacting application. With more than 40 years in business, Custom Spring Corp always delivers on it's promise of fulfilling high quality one-off to large production run orders for stampings as well as springs and spring products on time. 

Numerous industries and applications use our stampings 
A wide range of metal products are built to last as a testament to our expert signature process of operations. Requests for metal stampings are growing as they can replace parts made with other metal forming processes such as forging and die-casting with great results and low production cost. Our brass, bronze, and copper stampings are expertly crafted using special fixtures and tools that are found in office equipment and furniture, ammunitions, lock hardware, plumbing, power storage, engines, automotive, transportation, aerospace, construction, framing, industrial lighting, manufacturing facilities, and much more. Often our durable parts are used as replacements in maintenance and repair. 

Engineering expertise customized to excellent performance 
Our team of experts can help you to identify and decide on the benefits of using various brass, bronze, and copper alloys. For example some varieties of copper provide better corrosion resistance and retain their mechanical properties at higher temperatures better than other copper alloys. We regularly work with brass, bronze, and copper, among other materials, to create our own stampings and custom prototypes. Give us your specifications or an initial concept and our knowledgeable design and engineering team will create a customized solution specific to your project needs and environmental applications. 

Household to industrial use 
Custom Spring Corp is an ISO certified member of the Spring Manufacturers Institute with a committed team of design and engineering professionals that have well over 50 years of combined experience in specialized stamping. We have the knowledge to make a wide range of products for you from coffee makers, pots and pans, refrigerators, mattresses, to complex parts for large machinery that employs the use of brass, bronze, and copper stampings. We regularly manufacture mechanical hinges, wire clips, flat wires, flat springs, and spring clips. Our in-house tooling saves our customer's money and time. Give us a call to get in touch and find the perfect brass, bronze, or copper stamping solution today.

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