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An Industry Leader In Engineering And Manufacturing Of Fabricated And Moulded Polyurethane Foam Components For A Diversity Of Applications. ISO 9001-2000

Year established: 1973
Number of employees: 130
Estimated annual revenue: $25,000,000 to $49,999,999

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Custom cut foam packaging

Foam Packaging

When you need to protect delicate and expensive products during storage or transport, packaging foam from Custom Foam Systems Ltd. is the best choice. Not all packaging foam is created equal. Our engineering team have spent years developing the most effective and economical packing solutions for your packages. Since 1973, our company's success stems from one principle, to always provide innovative solutions for our customer's polyurethane foam needs. Let us provide you with peace of mind using our superior foam products. The Custom Foam Systems difference: Why settle for less at the risk of...

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Flexible cushioning

Foam Polyurethane

At Custom Foam Systems Ltd., we are at the leading edge of polyurethane processes, products and application technology. We offer a full range of polyurethane materials, from flexible to rigid, for use in mattresses, pillows, cushions, packaging, and acoustic materials and more. We aim to marry form, function and style in our molded products and fabricated foam cushioning. We've become the very best at developing innovative and cost effective solutions to meet our customers' needs. Because of our principals of growth and innovation, we are pleased to offer a variety of different types of pol...

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When it comes to high quality foam, Custom Foam Solutions Inc. can cater to your every need


Our foam provides a diverse range of functions to suit your needs. Everyone’s tastes are different when it comes to comfort. Material that’s too hard for some can provide just the right support for others and vice-versa. That’s why Custom Foam Systems Ltd. works with our customers to determine the exact foam that meets your needs. No matter how soft or hard you like your cushioning, you can rest assured that our foam will provide the best value for your dollar. Contact us today to see what kind of foam solutions we can grant you. Resistant, durable foam Our versatile foam is custom designed...

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Custom Foam Systems Ltd. can fabricate products in a range of foam materials.

Foam Gasket

Custom Foam Systems Ltd. can provide fabricated and moulded products in a variety of foam materials. Our company can custom engineer and create components for many diverse applications, such as gaskets, packaging, furniture components, and more. We offer a complete range of raw materials, expertise in product development, and versatile capabilities in cutting and fabricating. Our company continually researches and develops new processes, products, and application technologies. Everything we do is driven by customer needs, and we strive to find innovative solutions to add value for our custo...

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We can custom manufacture furniture pads for your specific application

Furniture Components

We custom fabricate furniture pads that offer greater performance and comfort for your everyday applications. Furniture is a valuable part of your business. If your employees aren’t comfortable with the furniture they use, their productivity drops. Custom Foam Systems Inc. can help ensure this doesn’t happen. Our pads are designed to your specific needs, ensuring you get the product you need every time. Our goods provide maximum comfort while offering longer durability and life, saving your company valuable resources.  Top-notch technology We’re equipped to make a variety of furniture compo...

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We offer polyethylene packaging in both crosslinked and non-crosslinked styles

Packaging Materials

We manufacture high-quality packaging material from polyurethane and polyethylene. When you’re shipping goods, you want a product that won’t weigh down your load but still offers excellent protection. Custom Foam Systems Inc. can provide just that. Our goods are custom-made to suit your individual shipping needs. Our packaging helps to absorb shock and resists both moisture and wear to help your shipment get where it’s going safely. Our products also come in an optional reusable mode, saving unnecessary waste and offering further value. Crosslinked and non-crosslinked products available We ...

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Our reaction injection moulding produces lightweight, high-quality products at cheaper prices

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM/SRIM) Polyurethane

We offer reaction injection moulding (RIM) services that produce high-quality goods at cost-efficient prices. When you shop for parts, you always want to receive the best value. Custom Foam Systems Inc. delivers on that need. RIM allows us to make parts faster than other moulding methods. Our parts are less expensive, but they don’t sacrifice on performance. Each of our RIM-made products are designed to provide excellent decoration and surface quality, strong and lightweight performance and long-life, even in tough conditions. High production and aesthetic value We manufacture high-quality ...

We offer Products and Services in 58 Categories

To provide cost competitive engineered, fabricated and moulded polyurethane components to North American manufacturers who expect superior quality, exceptional service and reliability. We will ensure on time delivery and consistent quality.

Mission Statement

Value Proposition

• Everything we do is driven by external & internal customer needs.
• We challenge our people to seek innovative solutions in adding value for their customers.

To be the very best at developing innovative solutions for our customer's polyurethane foam needs.
• We utilize our task force approach to dramatically improve the quality and speed of developing our customer's polyurethane foam needs.
• Foamability; "fabability" and "mouldability" are the focus of our task force to ensure the most innovative, cost effective and reliable solution for our customer's success.
• We pursue alliances with customers and vendors to broaden the task force and improve collaboration on product design, development and delivery systems.
• We continue to research and develop new polyurethane process, product and application technology to guarantee the most innovative solution ongoing.
• Improved innovative solutions ensures that we will continue to improve our exceptional service and reliability, which supports our goal of 0 defects and being 100% on time.
• We value trust, loyalty & teamwork.
• We manufacture superior products at a cost lower than a comparable competitive alternative.

Areas of Expertise

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Research and Development


  • Tel. (619) 748-1700
    Ext. 250

    Mr Paul MacDonald
    Fabricated Product Sales

  • Mr Thomas Germann Jr
    Vice-President Manufacturing

  • Tel. (519) 748-1491

    Ms Nancy Germann
    The Foam Store

  • Tel. (519) 748-1700
    Ext. 231

    Mr Mark Germann
    Moulded Product Sales


  • ISO 9001:2008

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