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Cords Canada Ltd.

Cords Canada Ltd.

Our Products: Cords is a major supplier of plastic parts for almost every imaginable application. In fact, we carry literally millions of parts for a broad range of industries in Canada and elsewhere. Industries using our products include automotive, agricultural, aerospace, electronics, computers, electrical, communications, furniture, chemical and allied companies, metal fabricating, food processing, machine shops, display merchandising, white goods, heating and air conditioning, hospitals, government and many more. Cords has long been the premier Canadian distributor for the well-known, ISO 9001:2000 certified product lines of Heyco, a pioneer of quality products for the electrical and electronic industries. We are also exclusive distributors for a number of top-quality manufacturers including Associated Plastics ties, Euro-matic hollow balls, Thogus tube and hose fittings and stockCap vinyldip moulded products, to name a few. Cords also distributes an enormous range of products from names you trust: Fastex fasteners, Dek cable accessories, Dennison fasteners, Davies knobs, Plastiglide protective products, ArkPlas, Cluthé, Micro, Niagara, Outwater, Richco, Thomas & Betts, and Tyton, among others.

 In this catalog you'll find information on all of the products below:


Bushings and Grommets

Caps, Plugs, Glides, and Protectors

Clamps and Clips

Display Products

Feet and Bumpers

Liquid Tight Connectors, Conduit, and Fittings

Push-In Fasteners and Rivets

Scres, Nuts, and Bolts

Spaces and Supports

Strain Reliefs



Wire Management

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Cords Canada Ltd.

Cords Canada Ltd. Catalogue - Balls

Cords Canada Ltd. Catalogue - Balls

Precision Ground Solid Balls:

Nylon or Delrin (Acetal):

These sink in water. Very Strong.

Polypropylene and Polyethylene

Both float in water. Very light.

Polyethylene is available in both lowdensity (suffix LDPE) and high-density (suffix HDPE).


These sink but don’t absorb water.

Very heat and chemical resistant.


Crystal clear, highly polished. Invisible in water and they sink. Very pretty. Crystal cabochons (half-balls) available 1/4" to 3".

Tungsten Carbide

Very hard. Heavy metal group.

Standard sizes range from .031" through 1.000" and from 1mm through 5mm (not shown in chart below–please ask). Custom-made decimal sizes available.

Energy Saving Hollow Balls:

Save money, conserve energy, reduce air and noise pollution.

They're not only environmentally sound, they pay for themselves up to 6 times over per year. They just pour onto the surface, covering 91% in a single layer. Balls move out of the way for dipping and float back into position automatically. One layer reduces heat loss by 75% and evaporation by 87%; with two layers, reduction is 81% and 90% respectively. Hollow ball blankets are successfully used in many applications: anodizing, food processing, metal processing and finishing, sewage treatment, gas scrubbing, temperature retardation and more.

Cords Canada Ltd.

Cords Canada Ltd. Catalogue - Feet and Bumpers

Cords Canada Ltd. Catalogue - Feet and Bumpers


With no holes to drill and no screws or rivets needed, self-adhesive bumpers will save you time and money. Kiss-cut for easy application, they simply peel off and press onto almost any smooth surface. They are non-marring, nonstaining, skid and scratch resistant and they won’t harden or crack. Use them as spacers, feet, cushions, protectors, vibration and shock absorbers. Typical applications: glass and wood doors and drawers, small appliances, telephones, furniture, desktop and office equipment, housewares, advertising displays, wall protectors. Bonding surface guide: aluminum, ceramic, formica, painted surfaces, glass, steel, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and rigid vinyl.

Rubber-based adhesive is stocked and acrylic-based is available. (High surface energy plastics such as formica, acrylic and polycarbonates adhere best to acrylic-based adhesives. Low surface energy plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene will adhere best to rubber based adhesives.)

Call for a quote on special shapes and colours available.


Self-Adhesive Bumpers – Technical Data:


High adhesion, rubber-based pressure sensitive OR high performance, acrylic-based pressure sensitive.


Formulated polyurethane polymer (contains no plasticizers).

Application Temperature:

50 to 100°F (10 to 38°C).

Service Temperatures:

Range -20 to 140°F (-29 to 60°C).

The adhesive will show reduced shear properties at elevated temperatures.

Recommended storage guidelines:

Temperature range 40 to 75°F (4 to 24°C)

Humidity range 40 to 60%

Surface Preparation:

Surface to which bumper adhesive is applied must be clean, dry and free of grease, wax, dust and oil to obtain maximum adhesion. Clean surfaces with low strength solvents such as isopropyl alcohol or Heptane. When applying bumper to surface it’s important to apply a sufficient amount of pressure to assure optimum adhesion.

Shelf life:

Adhesive properties should not change for one year if stored at recommended storage guidelines. Lighter colour and clear bumpers may show some darkening or yellowing.

Cords Canada Ltd.

Cords Canada Ltd. Catalogue - Screws, Nuts and Bolts

Cords Canada Ltd. Catalogue - Screws, Nuts and Bolts

Cords Offers a variety of screws, nuts, and bolts products. They are listed below – many with descriptions.

Nylon Machine Screws:

Nylon screws are anti-corrosive, non-marring, tough and lightweight. They conform to irregular surfaces and are friction, abrasion and vibration resistant, and good electrical and thermal insulators.

Metric Nylon Machine Screws:

Serving the same purpose as the standard nylon machine screws (pages 108-110) but with metric threads, diameters and lengths. They are anti-corrosive, non-marring, tough and lightweight.

Metal Core Nylon Screws:

Stocked in round and fillister heads. Also available in round washer head and flat head. A hardened, cadmium plated, corrugated steel core inside a nylon screw. Provides up to four times the strength of standard nylon fasteners. Recommended in applications requiring electrical, thermal and vibration insulation in shear or double shear connections. The recessed metal heads allow adequate torque and may be driven with power drivers.

Other Nuts, Bolts and Screws Offered…

Nylon Hex Bolts

Nylon Carriage Bolts

Moulded Nylon Nails

Machined PVC Hex Bolts (Cap Screws)

Nylon Thumb Screws

Threaded Rod

Nylon Unthreaded Rod

Acetal Moulded Dowels

Nylon Nuts

Metric Nylon Nuts

Machined PVC Hex Nuts

Nylon Wing Nuts

Nylon Cap Nuts

Nylon Thumb Nuts

Nylon Hex Pipe Nuts

Nylon Locknuts

Nylon Panel Nuts

Nylon Flange Nuts

Nylon Licence Plate Nut and Bolt Sets

Nylon Expansion Nuts

Cords Canada Ltd.

Cords Canada Ltd. Catalogue - Washers

Cords Canada Ltd. Catalogue - Washers

Cords Offers a variety of washers. They are listed below – many with descriptions.


These washers are made to be used with standard screw sizes #2 up to 1/2. They come in the four most popular thicknesses, from 1/32" up to 1/8". If one of these dimensions is not quite what you need, don’t forget to see our section on special nylon flat washers (pages 187-189).

Seal, insulate, absorb shock and vibration. They prevent galling and marring, and may also be used as spacers, guides, bearings, bushings, etc. For washers thicker than .125", look at our standard and special spacers on pages 136-139. Metric washers can be found on page 191.

Other sizes can be tooled for moulding or stamping in any plastic.

Request a quotation, specifying size, tolerance and quantity. See the list at the end of this section for other nonmetallic materials available.

 Nylon Flat Washers

Similar to our standard flat washer, but with a specially configured inside diameter designed to grip the outside of the screw shank. The washer slides on the screw easily, but is retained on the screw.

For use in applications requiring preassembly of the screw and washer to reduce final assembly cost. Other sizes may be tooled on request

Other Nuts, Bolts and Screws Offered…

Metric Nylon Washers

Stamped PVC Flat Washer

Black Fibre Flat Washers

Black Neoprene Flat Washers

White Teflon Washers

Nylon Turtleneck Products

Nylon Finishing Washers

Nylon Shoulder Washers

Screw Insulators

Acetal Bolt Insulator and Steel Washer Sets

Cords Canada Ltd.

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