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Sells, Repairs & Calibrates Measurement Control Instrumentation For Industrial Processes, Pressure, Temperature, Air Velocity, Humidity, Electricity Such As Analysers, Anemometers, Contractors, Gauges, Indicators, Loggers, Meters, Monitors, Probes, Recorders, Regulators, Sensors, Switches, Testers, Thermometers, Timers, Transmitters, Transducers

Year established: 1975
Number of employees: 13

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A variety of instruments for measuring air flow are available.

Air Flow Gauges

Chevrier Instruments can supply a range of air flow gauges. A variety of instruments are available for measuring air flow in ducts including hot wire (thermo-anemometers), vane, or rotating vane types. We can also provide differential micro-manometers, and anemometers for measuring wind speed. These instruments are supplied by leading manufacturers including Fluke and KIMO Canada. Our company offers exceptional expertise in measurement control instrumentation. In addition to selling a wide variety of instruments, we can perform repair and calibration services, and our calibration lab is equ...

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We carry Permaheat models that are great at providing heat evenly across the band

Band Heaters

We distribute band heaters designed to help store and bottle liquids. Chevrier Instruments Inc.’s selection offers solutions for a wide variety of tricky applications. Our products are durable and resistant to wear and contamination, ensuring that they will last longer for your dollar. The heaters we carry each work in many different temperatures and are made of unique materials. Contact our top-notch sales staff and allow us to help you find the heater that’s perfect for your business. Unique strengths in each band heater We carry a wide range of band heaters, each with different practical...

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We carry both DA and DS Series gauges from Mercoid

Bourdon Tube Gauges

Chevrier Instruments Inc. has pressure switches that use bourdon tubes to provide accurate and reliable pressure measurements. These tubes represent a tried and true measurement method. When put under pressure, the tube changes shape, creating a motion that is then measured by the gauge. This process involves no electricity, resulting in greater energy efficiency and reduced costs without sacrificing measurement accuracy. With heavy duty products from some of the world's most recognized manufacturers, we are sure to have a tube-based product that fits your needs. Two- and one-adjustment poi...

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A variety of high-quality general purpose pressure gauges are available.


Chevrier Instruments Inc. can supply a wide range of gauges. Our product offering includes gauges for measuring pressure, vacuum, depth, torque, compact force, and much more. Some of the different types of gauges available include test, differential, heavy duty, capsule, U tube, piston, and manometer. We can supply both analog and digital varieties. Our company is the ideal source for gauges and related process measurement and control instruments. We work with 14 top manufacturers to supply our customers with a comprehensive selection of high quality products. In addition, we offer expert c...

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The CF920 and CF930 each offer a variety of different information to help you make accurate assessments of the air quality in a given area

Quality Air Meter Instruments

Chevrier Instruments Inc. sells air quality meters that provide accurate readings of environmental factors. When working in industries such as HVAC, you need to know exactly what kind of air and thermal conditions are present in a given area. Our products give precise yet detailed information, allowing you to make the right decision every time. From carbon dioxide to temperature, our tools can help you make any measurements you may need in a wide variety of applications. Two types of meters available We carry two types of air quality meters from Alnor, with each providing optimal design and...

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Fluke thermal imagers feature rugged design, affordable price, and simple operation.

Temperature Indicators

Temperature indicators of many types are available from Chevrier Instruments Inc. Some of the different types of temperature indicators available include sensors, controllers, chart temperature recorders and hygro-thermographs, bimetal thermometers, capillary thermostats, industrial thermal imagers, and more. These temperature indicators offer features including durable construction, easy operation, and a range of functions. We maintain a large stock so we can fulfill all orders quickly. Our team is made up of specialized technicians and sales reps with technical expertise. We supply high q...

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Temperature transmitters are available from top manufacturers such as Kimo, Raytek, and Rotronic.

Temperature Transmitters

Chevrier Instruments Inc. can provide a wide selection of temperature transmitters. They include a number of sensor/transmitters with features such as heavy duty construction, infrared measurement, and multi-function capabilities. We maintain a large stock of these instruments so we can fulfill orders promptly. Our products are supplied by leading manufacturers including Kimo, Raytek, and Rotronic.  We also have many years of experience and a thorough understanding of measurement control instruments. In addition to selling top quality instruments, we can provide services including calibrati...

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The relation Chevrier Instruments establishes with its clients is based on trust, respect and professionalism.

Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Value Proposition

La Cie J. Chevrier Instruments inc. specialises in selling, repairing and calibrating measurement and control instruments for industrial processes.

The company provides its clients with goods and services according to their needs and the quality standards of the industry by maintaining a first-class service and by developing technical expertise, thanks to continuous training given to its personnel and the growth of its human resources.

The company maintains strict controls and works together with its suppliers, these being selected by taking into account their reputation and their products specifications

Areas of Expertise

  • Calibration Managing Program


  • Mr Marc Chevrier
    Directeur général

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