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Rubber Extrusions

With the largest selection of rubber cord and one of the most extensive standard rubber extrusion product lines in Canada, Budlar Flexible Products Inc. is a leading name in custom and standard rubber profiles and extrusions.  For more than 35 years we have handled a wide variety of single and large production run orders with an impressive turnaround time. Most of our orders are shipped within the same day of order or within 48 hours at the very latest.

Numerous materials for every application

Our extrusions formed from extruding custom or standard rubber serve a wide variety of private and public sector and industrial and commercial purposes. You can find our products used in a wide range of sporting goods, glassware, and trusted by automotive, architectural, construction, defense, aerospace, agriculture, healthcare industries, among others. Budlar Felxible Products Inc. extrusions are made from the following compounds to form O-Ring cord, spliced gaskets, or custom prototypes: silicone, Vitron®, silicone sponge, EPDM, natural rubber (pure gum), Aflas®, nitrile, FDA nitrile, highly saturated nitrile (HSN), neoprene, isoprene, urethane, Teflon, EPDM/neoprene sponge, latex, and styrene butadiene (SBR). We also carry square, tubing, u-channels, quad, and rectangular compounds in various profiles. Customization is our specialty. We can manufacture pre-production prototypes based on your requirements or help you to identify any necessary benefits prior to the design and manufacturing process to ensure that you get the perfect product.

Backed by a reputation of high performance and customer service standards

Our outstanding reputation of extruding custom or standard rubber extrusions is backed by the right technology, experience and expertise. We have been trusted experts in the business since 1970 with a growing stock and the ability to manufacture customized orders. We will ensure that you receive high performing O rings, gaskets, or an extrusion with any compound of material that can be fabricated. Expect quick and often same-day delivery regardless of order size, whether in stock or custom designed. Contact us today for more information in a quick consultation or free quote. Talk to our knowledgeable sales team about our additional slitting sheet rubber services and urethane cord fabrication for drive belts, among others such as our outstanding vulcanizing process, lathe and gasket cutting.

Quality performance and service is our policy We are a customer-focused company with the goal of providing the very best selection and service in the realm of rubber cord stock, rubber extrusions, and O-rings in the country and all of North America at cost-effective prices. Our quality policy ensures that you receive the very best products and services by continuous improvement and regular sales and service evaluation. Discover our extensive inventory at your convenience online or give us a call to get your order shipped out today.


Budlar Flexible Products Inc

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