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Industrial Rubber Products

At Budlar Flexible Products Inc., we've got your entire custom rubber product, standard extrusion, or compound needs covered with the largest Canadian inventory of rubber cord stock. Whether it's a single or small custom order or a large production run request, you can trust us to design, manufacture, and deliver the right solution for your specific application. Often customers who order custom o-ring and cords receive same day shipping.

An extensive line of high-performing materials

Our industrial rubber products take most materials, lathe cut parts, o-ring kits, and adhesive-backed parts and fabricate the most durable, long-lasting and quality performing gaskets.  We manufacture outstanding products in the following available compounds: silicone, silicone sponge, Viton®, EPDM, natural rubber (pure gum), Aflas®, Nitrile, FDA nitrile, neoprene, highly saturated neoprene, isoprene, urethane, Teflon, latex, and styrene butadiene (SBR).

Our products are used daily in a variety of industries

We serve a large range of industries that use our products in daily applications. Budlar Flexible Products Inc. products can be found on job sites, in classrooms, on construction sites and for aviation purposes in the skies. The industries we provide to for decades of use include mining, healthcare, railroad, aerospace, defense, architecture, construction, transporation, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and electronics, automotive, metal processing, glassware, machine shop, sporting goods, and many more. Additionally, we offer a variety of services from slitting sheet rubber to fabricating top quality drive belts from custom profiles and urethane cord. Twisted o-rings and quick-connect belting are also supplied upon request.  Our complete vulcanizing service is provided for most cross-sections/corner splicing and compounds. O-ring kits and fully kitted servicing is also provided upon request. Consult our complete listing online featuring a wide variety of high-performance products including molded o-rings, custom vulcanized o-rings, Teflon encapsulated o-rings and tubing, all are available in the previously listed compounds.

A leading North American manufacturer for more than 40 years Our rubber products for industrial purposes can be custom ordered to suit a wide range of purposes. We pride ourselves on delivering fast and often same-day delivery of in-stock and even custom orders. For more than 40 years we have focused on growing our reputation for exceptional product selection, design and manufacturing services, performance, and delivery. We take your needs seriously and will stop at nothing to ensure that you have the right custom or in-stock part for your specific application requirements. Our employees, products, and processes are continually evaluated to ensure that we are continually improving to be the best in our industry. Find the right industrial rubber product today by looking through the largest inventory in Canada online or contact us directly to inquire about what we get started for you. 


Budlar Flexible Products Inc

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