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Safety Interlocks

We stock safety interlocks designed to keep your employees safe in automated work environments. When your workers know they’re safe, they’re more confident and work better. Our line of interlocks can help instill that confidence in your staff. Our products are proven to reduce the possibility of workplace accidents, helping you maintain productivity.

Many different interlock solutions

With products from Fortress Interlocks and Castell, we are sure to have an interlock system that suits your safety requirements.

We offer Fortress’ mGard key interlocks, as well as the integrated tGard safety system. The mGard interlock system allows operators to determine where energy is to isolated or allocated through the use of trapped keys. The keys ensure that power is not supplied to a given area while it is occupied by an operator, thus preventing serious accidents. Fortress offers numerous key exchange, control and power isolation options to suit your business’ needs. The tGard system, meanwhile, uses key interlocks in conjunction with gate switches and electric controls to better suit your individual safety needs. Installation is quick and easy, and the system offers unparalleled customization to work perfectly with your applications.

We also carry Castell’s line of interlocks, with options in the mechanical bolt, control and main power isolation, access and solenoid controlled time varieties, as well as so much more. The mechanical bolt interlocks use single and multiple keys and feature switchgear, bolt and key claw options. The control power isolation interlock also comes in single and multiple key models, but is designed for use in more volatile environments. Their access interlocks are designed to work on doors, while valve interlocks ensure that closure occurs in the proper sequence in an emergency.

Useful in any machine environment

Interlock systems are effective in any machine-based industry, including automotive, manufacturing, metalworking, machinery and more.

About us

We provide our customers with the best safety, hardware and control products from around the world.  Let our decades of experience and devotion to customer service help you with your business needs.

We represent the following manufacturers:

Fortress Interlocks

Dedicated to innovation as much as to safety, Fortress Interlocks has become a global leader in interlock technology.


Since 1922, we have worked to help businesses live up to and exceed safety regulations. Our trapped key interlocks help prevent unnecessary injury and death around the world.


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