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Safe Locks

We provide safe locks that provide maximum security for your goods. Whether you want a lever or radial pin tumbler lock, we can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your important goods are well-protected. Our locks are designed to resist picking and come in a wide variety of materials, ensuring that your goods are safe from theft or loss. Our customer service staff will help you find which option is right for you.

Lever and radial pin tumbler locks available

Our selection of safe-securing products includes lever and radial pin tumbler locks. The former uses levers to slide a bolt into locked and unlocked positions. The latter, meanwhile, uses pins as a stopper on top of a pin. When a key is inserted, the pins are moved, allowing the pin to be pushed in and the lock to be opened.

Most of our levered lock s feature eight levers per lock, though we also carry an eleven-lever model. The 11-lever 3010 and eight-lever 3007 model resists picking, and its parts come die-cast. The 3009 also comes with these features, but also has other components pressed in steel and offers the option for a high-strength bolt.

Our two radial pin tumbler locks include nozzles in bright chrome. Their case is zinc-plated, and they feature a potential security upgrade to a ten-pin cylinder.

About Us

Based in Ajax, ON, Britman Specialty Products draws exciting and unique safety, control and hardware merchandise from all over the world. With over 50 years of experience and customer service excellence, we’re sure to find a solution for your business needs.

We represent the following manufacturers:

Lowe & Fletcher/Euro-Locks Group:

From small beginnings in 1889 to serving the globe in 2015, Lowe & Fletcher has manufactured locks for a wide variety of applications. Our caring customer support and knowledge of our products ensure that you’ll get what you’re looking for, and if we don’t have it, we’ll customize a design for you.


Britman Specialty Products
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