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Lockout Safety Equipment

We provide lockout safety equipment that won’t let you down in an emergency. Accidents happen, and you need to be sure that when they do, your equipment won’t let you down. Our line of disconnect switches and valve operators are easy to operate, ensuring a quick reaction during an emergency. They also allow for greater work safety and prevent damage to equipment.

Smith Flow Control and Baco Control products available

We offer a diverse line of lockouts and disconnect switches from companies such as Smith Flow Control Ltd. and Baco Controls. Each product works in different situations to ensure worker safety.

With Smith Flow Control’s three brands of valve operators, you can maintain greater control over your valves, ensuring your workers remain safe. Their EasiDrive model opens and closes valves quickly without the effort that manual labour would require. This ensures workers are kept safe from over-exertion or exposure to difficult work conditions. Meanwhile, Smith’s FlexiDrive creates a greater distance between your workers and dangerous work conditions, while still allowing you to close valves quickly and effectively. Finally, the TorkDrive limits the amount of torque needed to shut a valve, ensuring that the job is done quickly and easily without damaging the valve or the worker’s health and safety through undue strain.

We also carry six types of Baco disconnect switches, each with a range of function and customization. These switches offer a wide variety of installation options, as well as accessories such as enclosures, handles and more. Installed easily and quickly, they are easily used, ensuring that workers can operate them quickly in an emergency.

Safety across industries

Smith Flow Control’s products have been used in the oil, pulp, energy and chemical sectors. They not only work as a safety measure, but help protect equipment as well. Baco’s disconnect switches are versatile and designed for safety usage in a wide variety of settings and industries.

About us

Based in Ajax, ON, Britman Specialty Products takes pride in providing world-class products to our customers. For over 50 years, we’ve developed working partnerships with a wide variety of companies to ensure that our customers get the best safety, controls and hardware they can.

We represent the following distributors

Baco Controls:

With 35 years of experience and a 10-year quality guarantee, Baco Controls has established itself as a capable and trustworthy provider of switches and pilot devices.

Smith Flow Control Ltd:

Based in Britain, Smith Flow Control Ltd.’s valve-based solutions are world-renowned. With innovative products and knowledgeable staff, Smith provide top-notch value to its customers.


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