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Coin-Operated Locks

We carry coin-operated locks to suit your needs. Our locks create more value in your interactions with customers. They simultaneously ensure that your property is secure while allowing selected access for a small monetary fee. Our locks are secure, with some models offering extra moisture resistance. They feature a wide variety of tumblers and cylinders, ensuring diverse options for your purchasing needs.

Four models to choose from

We offer three models of coin-based lock solutions from Lowe and Fletcher and Euro Locks. Each feature durable nickel silver keys and feature coin trays for returned change. Some are able to work in high-moisture areas.

The 2764 model features a bright chrome finish on its nozzle. Its components don’t contain iron and its lock features a pin tumbler for added security. It comes in fixed and changeable cylinder options.

The F53 lock works on both left and right hand doors and features vandalism protection for added security. Its barrel can also be taken off.

The 2786 model is similar to the fixed cylinder 2764 in that both work best in dry environments. The cylinder for the 2786 model can be removed, and it accepts coins as thick as 3.2 millimetres.

Applications in high traffic areas:

These locks are often used for personal lockers. Meant to accept either coins or tokens, these locks can be used at pools, stations or any other area that sees a high volume of visitors.

About us

With over 50 years of experience as a distributor, Britman Industries Ltd. is dedicated to providing the finest in safety, hardware and control products from around the world. We are dedicated to customer service and communication, ensuring that our clients receive absolute care.

We represent the following manufacturers:

Lowe and Fletcher have manufactured lock and security solutions since 1889. With a wide variety of applications and strong tradition of working with their customers, they can create locking options that suit your business.


Britman Specialty Products
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