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The world leader in the polyurethane timing belt industry sets higher standards with new state of the art products. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. timing belts, pulleys, accessories, and flat belts are scientifically designed and manufactured for undeviating precision and quality. It is our mission to provide our customers with outstanding products and technical support to meet their highest expectations. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers the most extensive range of polyurethane timing belts in the world with more than 100 tooth configurations. Our Application Engineers provide free design assistance to ensure the best product selection and correct sizing of your timing belts.

Year established: 1989
Number of employees: 75

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We produce timing pulleys in many sizes and materials.

Timing Pulleys

Timing pulleys of all types are available from this trusted manufacturer. We have the knowledge and equipment to produce custom pulleys to meet nearly any requirements with rapid turnaround times. We also stock a wide selection of standard aluminum pulleys that we can ship to you same day. Our website makes it convenient to search our inventory of stock pulleys; you can input the pitch and width of the timing belt, and you'll be provided with a list of our compatible pulleys with multiple options for the number of teeth, diameter, and more.  We offer top quality products, engineering support, and helpful customer service. Timing pulleys Our custom capabilities enable us to produce any pulley design, regardless of size or material. Our pulleys are available in materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and Delrin. We can provide finishes such as anodizing, black oxide, zinc plating, and chromate. We can also promptly modify our stock pulleys to meet your specifications. Some of the most common modifications we make include counterbore, taper bushing, keyway, setscrews, self-tracking guide, snap ring grooves, hole patterns or lightening holes, boring to size, hub removal, and more.  In addition to pulleys, we can offer bar stock in a range of sizes. We provide everything you need for complete belting systems such as polyurethane timing belts, flat belts, profiled belts, backings, clamps, and tensioners. Timing pulley expertise Timing belts, pulleys, and drive compon...

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Our stock pulleys are made from aluminum to ensure light weight and consistent performance


We offer a diverse range of pulleys designed to last. Machine parts are susceptible to wear and damage, so when you buy, you want to be sure you’re getting good value for your money. Brecoflex Co. LLC has a reputation from providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. We carry a variety of aluminum stock pulleys that won’t weigh down your machinery or become inert. If you need a more specialized solution, we can accommodate it, with custom manufacturing to meet your design requirements. Five varieties of pulleys available for your needs We carry five types of pulleys to suit your specific applications. Each work exceptionally well with our line of belts.      Our website makes it easy for you to order the aluminum stock pulley you need. By simply entering information about your timing belt’s pitch and width, you can receive detailed information on the pulley that’s right for you. If you can’t find the right option, we can modify or craft it for you.      We also carry aluminum bar stock and modified stock pulleys. Our modified stock pulleys are designed to fit on different axes and can feature different teeth or multiple wheels. We can also ship your bar stock pulley within the same day of your order. Use across industries Our pulleys are specifically designed to compliment our line of belts. These products are often used in industries such as automotive, manufacturing and more. We recommend aluminum pulleys with the most teeth possible for linear drives, conveyors...

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Our flat belts are highly customizable, with options for different polyurethane material, belt sizes and widths, and more.

Flat Belt Drives

We offer flat belts to help improve the transmission in your workplace. Whether you want to convey, drive or power your machinery, our belts offer great value and exceptional durability. Our products deliver exceptional power and speed to suit any application you seek. They can be used in many different environments while offering quiet, flexible performance. With a variety of customization options available, you can be sure that Brecoflex Co LLC can deliver the product you’re looking for. Two brands of efficient belts We manufacture flat belts in-house and also produce the Esband line of belts. Our flat belts are made of polyurethane, reinforced with steel and come in open-ended, welded and endless variants. We offer different types of polyurethane to suit food applications, as well as high and low temperatures. Our belts also come in different tooth and backing options to manage friction, wear, oils, vibration and more.      Meanwhile, our Esband belts represent a colourful, efficient and safe option for your system. Our belts’ homogeneity makes them stronger and more consistent than comparable belts. They don’t require joints, and so they run quieter. In addition to providing unmatched flexibility and longevity, these belts also help protect your machinery from shock and overloads. Wide applications across industries Our belts can be used for food production, machinery, paper transport and more. Within these industries, the belts are designed for transmission, driving, ...

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A polyurethane red coated timing belt from Brecoflex.

Polyurethane Belting Material

We have a wide variety of polyurethane belting material. We can supply belts with in more than 650,000 variations. Our timing belts are available with over 100 different profiles. We offer free engineering services to assist you in finding innovative solutions to optimize your processes. The superior quality and unique design features of our products are what sets us apart from the competition. We are known for the exceptional level of customer service we provide. Our quality policy and our ISO 9001 certification mean that you can be sure that every belt we make meets our high standards for quality and reliability. Polyurethane belting material We produce polyurethane belts in a variety of styles such as timing belts, esband flat belts, profiled belts, backings, and more. Our belts are reinforced with steel, stainless steel, or Kevlar. They are available in a wide range of pitch sizes, belt widths, and profiles.  We can provide convertible profile systems that make it easy to perform adjustments because the profiles are mechanically attached. We also offer weld-on profiles that feature high strength and durability. We can supply belts in open-ended, spliced and welded, or truly endless configurations. Our endless belts have no seams or splices. We can also provide timing pulleys, tensioners, clamps, and field welders. Polyurethane belting industries Our belts are used for many applications including conveyors, power transmission, and linear drives. Our manufacturing capabi...

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Our T-Series represents a versatile and reliable belt option.

Timing Belts

Our timing belts offer amazing value and versatility for your purchase. These belts are essential for synchronizing the engine in your machinery, which in turn plays a major role in the everyday function of your machinery. As a result, you need to trust that your belt won’t give up on you when you need it. Brecoflex Co. LLC offers a wide selection of belts to suit your individual application. This diversity ensures that you get the product that works best for your machinery and giving you peace of mind as an added bonus. Over 100 different tooth profiles available We carry timing belts featuring more than 100 tooth profiles. The belts come in open-ended, spliced or truly endless options available.      Each model carries its own particular strengths. Our T-Series represents a diverse option, with a variety of belt widths and pitch sizes available. Our AT and Redflex Gen III series offer additional strength when used with power transmissions, while the AT and ATL-Series also offer better accuracy. Our self-tracking timing belts provide better function in relation to pulleys, with our ARC Power belt also featuring innovative shape features and our SFAT model providing extra power.      We also offer different variants of our high-quality polyurethane to fit your applications. Our general use polyurethane is versatile, while our models for low ambient temperature keep out bacteria and hydrolysis. Our food grade material, meanwhile, is suited for constant or occasional cleanin...

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While our most basic type of belt clamp is made of aluminum, others feature zinc-plated hardware and even steel components.

Belt Tensioning

We offer belt tensioning solutions for your timing belts. Often, your belts need the right amount of tension to function properly. A loose belt is slowed and gets clogged, but a tight one dramatically hurts your equipment’s life span. Brecoflex Co LLC provides two types of belting solution to ensure that your timing belts have just the right amount of tension. With a wide variety of materials and models, as well as customization and modification options, we are sure to have the right clamp or idler. Variety of tensioning clamps and idlers We offer both tensioning clamps and idlers to suit your unique applications. Our clamps come in a wide variety of types that each offer unique functions and capabilities. We offer simple options, such as our clamp and top plate combination that lacks a tensioning rod or slotting holes, as well as more complex options, such as our high load tensioning clamp. Our simpler Type-A clamps can usually handle belts with widths from 25 to 50 mm, and are made with aluminum, although some options feature tensioning rods and slots that are zinc-plated. Our Type-B clamps work on belts of most pitches between 75 and 100 mm wide. These models feature teeth plates made of aluminum with steel top plates. Type-C  tensioning clamps work on belts that are about 150 mm wide, and are made of steel with optional steel coating.      We also carry back bending and tooth side tensioning idlers. Each feature aluminum housing and flanges with steel shafts and bearin...

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We make a variety of power transmission timing belts.


We are the best choice for all your belting requirements. We offer more than 100 different tooth profiles for our timing belts. We also have custom manufacturing capabilities that include more than 650,000 belt variations. The precision and quality of our belts and accessories is what makes our company exceptional. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers. Our website provides a number of tools such as unit conversion and calculation programs that make it easy to design custom belting. Contact us today and we'll help you engineer the best solution for your needs. Belting We provide timing belts, profiled belts, esband flat belts, pulleys, backings and accessories. Our timing belts are available in self-tracking, double sided and flat belt varieties. We have two profile belt systems: convertible and weld-on. Our convertible system enables profiles to be attached mechanically, which makes changes and adjustments quick and easy. Our weld-on profiles offer a strong, reliable bond because they are thermally attached to the belt. Esband belts are efficient, flexible and quiet. They are truly endless, with no splices or seams, so they offer longer service life and better performance than conventional belts. The belt accessories we provide include clamps, tensioners, tension meters, and field welders.  Our belts are made from polyurethane and reinforced with steel, stainless steel, or Kevlar. Belting industries Brecoflex CO.  L.L.C. produces belt systems for...

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We offer the most extensive range of polyurethane timing belts in the world with more than 100 tooth configurations. Our Application Engineers provide free design assistance to ensure the best product selection and correct sizing of your timing belts.

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The world leader in the polyurethane timing belt industry sets higher standards with new state of the art products. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. timing belts, pulleys, accessories, and flat belts are scientifically designed and manufactured for undeviating precision and quality. It is our mission to provide our customers with outstanding products and technical support to meet their highest expectations.

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