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Wheels Felt

Wool felt wheels give you a flawless finish on your polishing and buffing projects. The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. offers wool felt wheels for use either by themselves or in conjunction with all types of polishing compounds and abrasive pastes. With over 50 years of experience serving a wide variety of industries, we can customize our services to meet intricate polishing requirements. Wool felt has inherent properties that make it a superior material for carrying and evenly distributing particles across a substrate. The abrasive particles within the pastes are evenly distributed within the capillaries of the felt, resulting in evenly polished surfaces. As the wheel wears down it naturally maintains its desired shape and consistency, ensuring clean-cut polishing over its lifetime.

Line of Felt Wheels

Our selection of felt wheels includes wheels 1/8¿ to 4¿ thick. We make our products with grey and white SAE industrial felt in the full density range: Soft, Medium, Hard, Rock Hard, Flint hard and Diamond hard.

Common applications for our felt wheels include polishing of jewellery, metal, glass and lapidary (stone), honing wood chisels, buffing, sanding blocks, spacers, vibration pads, dental work, plastic part lines and fibreglass.

Custom Manufacturing Process

The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. felt wheels are available in a variety of sizes and densities. If you require a specialized type of wheel, we can customize the size and make up of the felt, including the diameter of the hole. We manufacture our felt products in-house, allowing us to serve our customers quickly. Contact us and our experienced employees can help you find, or design, the products that best suit your needs.

Industries Served

We work with customers in a range of industries. They include professionals in the diamond and jewellery industries; metal finishing industry; marble, stone and granite industry; dentistry; wood working; as well as industries manufacturing plastic and fibreglass. If you require a specialized polishing or buffing wheel, contact us and let us know how we can best serve you. 


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
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