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Rubber Cork Gaskets

Composition cork gaskets are made from harvested cork trees, offering a lightweight yet durable material for auto parts and other mechanical applications. Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. supplies all-natural cork gaskets for every industry ranging from automotive to food and beverage. When compared to alternative gasket materials, cork products offer a more environmentally-friendly solution, and will not leave stains. To ensure you get the exact items you need, we can perform a range of custom services. Our capabilities include custom CNC cutting, die cutting, and adhesive backing to meet your requirements with speed and accuracy.

Line of Cork Gaskets

Composition cork provides many advantages as a gasket material, including: high compressibility, fire retardant and insulation properties, resistance to wear and tear, resistance to sound and vibration, buoyancy, and light weight. With 200 million air cells per cubic inch, cork acts as an air cushion to effectively absorb vibrations and direct pressure. Cork gaskets are commonly used as anti-leak material for valve covers. Because of its exceptional frictional quality, composition cork is also used for non-skid purposes, such as flooring and furniture pads.

We also offer gaskets made from cork and rubber. Cork rubber has excellent resilience and appearance retention, making it an ideal choice for applications where resistance to constant pressure is required. They are available in rolls of 8 to 15 inches in diameter. Visit our website to view our wide range of sizes and thicknesses, or call us for a quote on specialized gasket requirements.

Custom Manufacturing Process

We provide highly customized services to quickly and accurately satisfy your needs. We offer cutting and converting services such as cutting and CNC custom cutting. If you need adhesive backing, we can also provide pressure sensitive adhesive to any of our cork gaskets.

Industries Served

Our composition cork gaskets are used in many industries, including automotive, engineering, industrial machinery, home construction, and commercial industries. Contact us today and find out how we can serve you.


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