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Pressure Sensitive Corks

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. offers cork sheets, cork tape, and other cork products with pressure sensitive adhesive backing, allowing you to install cork tiles, floor covers, panels, and pads with greater ease.  Our company was established more than fifty years ago, and Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. is proud to be a leading manufacturer in cork supplies. Cork offer an environmentally friendly solution for many applications. Our well-stocked warehouses allow us to provide rapid turnaround times to give you the best value for your money.

Line of Pressure Sensitive Corks

Pressure sensitive adhesive cork offers many advantages. Durable yet adaptive and easy to cut, it is ideal for home as well as industrial and commercial use. Our pressure sensitive adhesive cork can easily be applied to a clean substrate without the use of heat, water, or a solvent. For vertical surfaces, we recommend using thicknesses of 3/16 inch or less. For horizontal applications, simply peel, stick, and apply firm pressure to the surface.

Our adhesive-backed cork sheets can be used for moisture guards, vibration absorption, gaskets and seals, insulation, padding, underlay, modeling, bulletin board replacements, vehicle oil mats, and technical applications. It can even be cut into insoles.

Custom Manufacturing Process

Our customized services include the best in engineering for cork converting and cutting. We offer custom CNC cutting, die cutting, kiss cutting, and roll slitting for all cork tape and other pressure sensitive adhesive corks.

Industries Served

We serve a variety of industries, including: home and commercial construction, interior design, architecture, foot care, automotive, mechanical, engineering, home improvement, insulation, and many other industries. If you require adhesive for cork or other non-textiles and want an easier way to install these materials, contact us today. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to work with you.


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
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