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Pennant & Crest Felt

Pennants and crests keep up enthusiasm and pride in sport teams, companies, boys and girls clubs, and other social groups. The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. provides versatile felt and custom services to help you design and create the perfect crest or logo. Since 1959, Brand Felt has specialized in diverse methods of converting, making us an industry leader in felt cutting, coating, and sewing capabilities in North America. That experience helps us meet the diverse needs of our customers. Contact us today and our experts will work with you to find the perfect material, no matter what special requirements you have.

Line of Pennant & Crest Felt

Each line of pennant and crest felt is available in a variety of sizes and tones, with or without adhesive.

100% wool felt is offered in a 1.2 mm thickness. It is highly resilient and retains its colour and shape as it ages. Wool felt is also known to have a relatively low propensity for flame spread in the case of a fire. Used in interior spaces, it will naturally help control humidity, absorb sound, and clean the air of contaminants.

100% viscose felt is derived from wood fibres and is known for its fabric-like texture. Viscose felt is durable, light weight and versatile. It is approximately 1 mm (0.030 inch ¿ 0.045 inch) thick.

100% acrylic felt is a great economic option for pennants and crests where a less resilient felt is acceptable.

Custom Manufacturing Process

The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. can offer you customized converting services, including die cutting, kiss cutting, roll slitting, adhesive coating, CNC cutting, and sewing. Our vast expertise allows us to quickly prototype and convert our felt to meet your needs.

Industries Served

The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. serves professionals in the design, arts, clothing and sports industries, among many others. Contact us and one of our sales representatives will help you find the right felt for your emblem.


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
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