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Neoprene Gasket

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. supplies resilient neoprene gaskets and customized cutting and converting services to ensure you get the exact product required. Neoprene gaskets are highly resilient, resisting wear and tear as well as decay from sun, ozone, and extreme weather. Neoprene is highly flexible and elastic, allowing it to maintain its strength and shape under high and low temperatures. With a history of serving a wide range of industries for over five decades, Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. can provide exactly what you require with quick turnaround times. Our flexible capabilities and prompt services will save you both time and money.

Line of Neoprene Gaskets:

Our neoprene gaskets are available in diameters of 8 to 15 inches and in a variety of thicknesses, depending on your requirements. If you require adhesive, we can provide gaskets with pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

We offer closed cell sponge neoprene rubber gaskets in standard black. Closed cell sponge rubber neoprene is ideal for applications where high resistance to petroleum or oil based solvents is required.

If you require a harder material, we also supply 80 duro neoprene in standard black. 80 duro neoprene is known for its excellent resistance to weather, oil, and petroleum.

Manufacturing Process:

The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. offers custom cutting and converting services if you have a specific design you would like us to produce. Our capabilities include custom CNC cutting and die cutting. We can also provide any neoprene gasket with pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Industries Served:

The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. neoprene gaskets have become useful in many industries, including windows, doors, automotive, chemical, HVAC, construction, electric, aerospace, transport, and many others. Contact us today and we will provide you with the right gasket material to suit your needs.


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
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