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Floor Covers

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest quality floor covers and customized services to ensure companies get precisely what they need in the quickest amount of time possible. We offer floor covers made from high-durability industrial felt and non-toxic polypropylene. We can custom cut, coat with adhesive, or even sew our products to meet your specialized requirements. Our selection includes several different types of floor covers including felt, designer felt, cork, as well as our rayon and polypropylene multi-surface guard. Visit our website for details on our range of products and services.

Line of Floor Covers:

All our floor covers are available by the roll in a selection of sizes. Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. specializes in providing the following floor covers:

Felt floor covers: available in custom cuts from our wide selection of S.A.E. grade wool felt. Our felt offers exceptional comfort and floor protection due to its natural resilience and high density. Felt covers are available with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing.

Designer felt is crafted of 100% wool and offered in a range of colours and custom cuts with a standard thickness of 5 mm. It is ideal material for beautifully vibrant interior design applications in residential and commercial spaces.

Multi-surface guard: made from a blend of rayon and polypropylene with a non-toxic water adhesive, this reusable surface guard protects your floors from damage while you work. It can stand up to constant use by painters, construction workers, movers, and handymen. Standard sizes include 26 inches and 56 inches wide and is sold in various lengths. Multi-surface guards are available with or without PSA coating.

Cork flooring is a prime option for spaces that require temperature and acoustic regulation and slight cushioning. Cork flooring is available in 48 inch wide rolls and 24 inch by 36 inch sheets with or without adhesive backing. Thicknesses range from 1/32 inch to ½ inch.

Manufacturing Process:

Custom services: CNC custom cutting, roll slitting, kiss/die cutting, sewing, and PSA coating. We can also provide floor covers of custom lengths and quantities.

Industries Served:

We help companies in the construction, home, painting, moving, fitness, architecture, interior design, and many other industries. Contact today and let us know how we can best serve you.


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
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