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Fibre Felt

If you require highly precise, specialized solutions, The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. can help. A leading manufacturer in Canada, we have the ability to engineer custom made felt to customer specifications. We fabricate specialty felt from a variety of fibre blends, including wool, polyester, viscose, polypropylene, meta-aramid, para-aramid and other synthetic fibres. Our company has been serving a variety of industries since our founding over 56 years ago. We strive to develop long-lasting customer relationships by fulfilling all of their needs with our products and services.

Line of Custom Made Fibre Felt

We produce custom felt by the needle felting process, and can also use the traditional wet felting process. Unlike our pressed felt, needled felt is produced through the process of repetitive up and down needle puncturing, closely interlocking synthetic fibres or a blend of wool and synthetic fibres. The needle punch process is also more versatile, allowing manufacturers to achieve various textures to the felt surface and mix fibres in the felt making process. Needled felt can match the density levels of some pressed felt. Pressed felt is used where higher-density felt is required.

Custom Manufacturing Process

The thickness and density of the felt can be matched to your exact specifications. Ask us about our many available treatments, such as water repellence, anti-mildew, moth proofing, and other fibre treatments. 

The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. can also custom dye felt to match our customers¿ specific colour requirements, as well as produce special tinted natural wool felt using different blends and shades of natural brown, grey, black, white, and other natural tinted wool.

Industries Served

Felt fibre is commonly used as a filler for cushions, as filtration material, as a surface protector and many other applications. Yet felt is so versatile that it is required in virtually every industry. Please contact our sales department if you have a specialty felt that you would like to have produced.


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
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