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Felt Seals

Wool felt is the material of choice for mechanical and industrial seals. It has wicking and oil absorption properties, high resilience and the composition to filter and retain fine particles. Felt also resists extreme temperatures, fluid, tearing and shock. Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. provides felt seals and gaskets using diverse methods of converting, including die cutting, kiss cutting, roll slitting, adhesive coating and CNC custom cutting. A leading felt manufacturer and producer in North America, we can deliver rapid prototyping and emergency service with quick turnaround times.  We are committed to providing great customer service and product satisfaction.

Line of Felt Seals

Wool felt is ideal for seals and gaskets because of its many inherent advantages over other materials, including: chemical resistance, filtration capabilities, oil wicking and absorption properties, resilience, high shaft speeds, low friction, polishing action and a high temperature limit.

F-1 grade SAE industrial felt can withstand temperatures of up to 275 degrees F. This is the standard grade for bearing seal felt and comes in varying thicknesses ranging from 1/16 of an inch to 1 inch.

Grades of F-3, F-50 and F-55 industrial felt are also commonly used as seals and gaskets.

Custom Manufacturing Process

We can manufacture precision felt seals of any size and various shapes to meet specific requirements. Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. services include die cutting and custom made seals from a combination of several materials. Contact us for specific requirements or other inquiries and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Industries Served

Felt seals are used for many applications in many industries. Some common applications include dryer drum seals, dust seals for bearings, oil or grease seals, door seals and polishing seals. Felt seals are also used in ball mills, crushers and machinery where either lubricant retainers or protection from dirt or dust are needed.


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
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