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Cushion Felt

The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. supplies cushion felt for insoles, shock absorption, saddle pads, appliqué cushion covers, and more. A leading manufacturer and supplier of felt, The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. offers customized services for all our customers. Please contact one of our representatives if you have a specialty felt you would like produced. Brand Felt was established in 1959 and is proud to be a family business offering environmentally friendly processing of a variety of felt products suitable for many industry applications.  We look to meet our customer¿s needs through above average customer service.

Line of Cushion Felt

Felt consists of tightly condensed, interlocking fibres. This gives the material natural cushioning capabilities and resilience in the face of constant pressure and friction. In this way, felt is ideal for applications where vibration absorption is required. Felt is also advantageous for saddle pads and footwear insoles because of its ability to wick away moisture while regulating temperature. We recommend using S.A.E. industrial felt of grades from F-7 and softer. S.A.E. felt consists of 55 percent to 100 per cent wool content and can be customized to your desired shape and thickness.

Custom Manufacturing Process

The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. provides felt from 100 per cent wool, wool blends, synthetic fibres, polyester, and other synthetic fibre mixtures. You can also order cushion felt by colour, size, and thickness. If you have specific requirements, we offer custom CNC cutting, sewing, roll slitting, adhesive coating, kiss cutting, and die cutting to quickly meet your specifications.

Industries Served

We serve crafters, artists, and other professionals in the design, home décor, commercial, footwear, equestrian, and furniture industries. If there is a design you need produced with any one of our materials, contact us and we would be pleased to assist you.


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
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