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Cork & Rubber Sheets

Cork and rubber combines the advantages of cork and rubber to produce a highly adaptive material. Cork rubber's compressible properties make it an exceptional sealant. Cork rubber also acts as a shock and vibration absorber. That is why it is commonly used as gasket seals, bumpers and spacers, stripping and tapes, and protective pads. Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. can provide you with a range of cork and rubber sheets and rolls. We also excel in our many customized cutting and adhesive services. Our expertise in precision and industry know-how spans over 50 years, offering the best value to our customers.

Line of Cork and Rubber

The most popular types of cork and rubber are BC 351, HC 60, NCA 45, and the SP 52. Each type has its own unique advantages, including oil resistance, ozone resistance, gas and solvent resistance, heat resistance, and is waterproof. Cork rubber is also highly compressible and flexible, allowing it to retain its shape and original properties under constant direct impact. This makes it ideal for gaskets, pads, and for applications where a resilient protective buffer between surfaces is required. Cork rubber is also used as a non-skid surface and as more comfortable alternative flooring material where a padded surface is needed. Cork rubber is available by the roll in dimensions ranging from 1/32 inch by 48 inches to ¼ inch by 48 inches.

Custom Manufacturing Process

Custom sizes may be available by special order. We also offer custom die cutting, CNC cutting, and slitting according to your needs.

Industries Served

We offer solutions to customers in the automotive, footwear, flooring, residential and commercial construction, architecture and interior design, engineering, industrial machinery, and railway industries. Contact us and one of our customer service representatives will help you find the right selection of cork and rubber to suit your needs. 


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
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