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Cork and Rubber Gaskets

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. supplies cork and rubber gaskets and customized services to ensure your requirements are met with precision. Cork and rubber gaskets are resilient and flexible, able to conform to irregularities where enough pressure is present. For this reason, cork rubber is commonly used in sealing and compressor applications. Known for our quick service times and high capacity for customization, Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. is the ideal choice for cork and rubber gaskets and other industrial solutions. We offer customized services to cut and convert any of our materials to meet your requirements.

Line of Cork and Rubber Gaskets

The most common cork and rubber grades used for gaskets include: BC 351, HC 60, NCA 45, and the SP 52. They are available in rolls of 8 to 15 inches in diameter, and in varying sizes and thicknesses. Cork and rubber gaskets can also be ordered with pressure sensitive adhesive backing if needed for your application. Some of the advantages of cork rubber include high compressibility and flexibility; wide range of fluid compatibility; resistance to fungus, acid, and weather conditions; fluid resistance; vibration absorption and acoustic insulation; anti-slip; and shock absorption. This makes it ideal for applications where a resilient protective buffer between surfaces is required.

Custom Manufacturing Process

If you require a custom size of gasket, we can provide it by special order. Our capabilities include custom die cutting, CNC cutting, and adhesive backing depending on your needs. If you have a special request, or need a specific design, take advantage of our many converting and cutting services.

Industries Served

Our cork rubber gaskets serve clients in the aerospace, automotive, home, commercial, engineering, and many other industries. If you have specific requirements for a project, contact us today and our dedicated team would be happy to work with you.



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