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Cork Flooring

Contact the experts to get flooring material that is shock and sound absorbent, renewable, and easy to install and maintain. Cork flooring is ideal for industrial, insulation, residential, and commercial applications. It is particularly suited for instalment under noisy machinery and between a substrate and flooring. Brand Felt Canada Ltd. stocks a large inventory of cork sheets and rolls, in a variety of densities. This allows us to provide options that are well suited to any application, with quick turnaround times to our customers. If you need custom rolls or sheets, we can manufacture them on request.

Line of Cork Flooring

Cork offers a safe, comfortable, environmentally sustainable surface. Cork makes soft and non-slippery flooring. This is why it is an ideal surface for gym floors, facilities with showers or bath tubs, retirement homes, and places where there are children. A great thermal insulator, cork installations also help regulate air temperature and reduce heating costs. Cork's sound-proofing qualities are advantageous in recording studios, libraries and museums, apartments, and other shared buildings.

Our cork flooring is available in 48 inch wide rolls and 24 inch by 36 inch sheets. Thicknesses range from 1/32 inch to ½ inch. They are available with adhesive backing for easy installation.

Cork floating floor is a natural and contemporary option for commercial and residential spaces. Comprised of an interlocking system, cork floating floor tiles can be easily snapped together as well as cut to desired size. Each tile is approximately 35.8 inches long by 11.81 inches wide by 0.41 inches thick. They are available in boxes of 6 tiles, which cover a surface of 17.7 square feet.

Custom Manufacturing Process

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. offers custom converting services, including custom CNC cutting, die cutting, kiss cutting, roll slitting, and adhesive coating.

Industries Served

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. serves the residential and commercial construction, industrial, interior design, education, architecture industries, and many others. If you are looking for easy-to-install cork tiles, rolls, or custom cutting services, contact us today.



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