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Steel Slitting

Block Steel Corp. provides optimal steel slitting. Our 165,000 square foot full service centre has the most advanced steel slitting technology. Our inventory, on average, is 25,000 tons. The combination of our advanced technology, extensive supply, and experienced staff allows us to quickly fill your orders.

We are the largest aluminized steel distributer in the United States.  With more than 60 years of experience, our family business can meet the most demanding steel needs with quality products and excellent service. We are ISO/TS 16949 certified. We are a member of the Metal Service Centre Institute.

Product lines

Our advanced slitter ensures a high-quality steel product. Our 72-inch slitter weighs 50,000 pounds. The slitter’s multi-roll shape correction levels ensure the highest quality of products. Our slitter minimizes burr and camber. It has a synchro-wind tensioning device that ensures large P.I.W. slit coils. These coils are tight and evenly wound. The multi-roll shape correction leveler flattens steel so it exceeds mill standards. A computer controlled X-Ray gauge guarantees that the steel’s thickness will meet your specifications. The shimless tooling provides exact width. The machine has a visual inspection station with upper and lower mirrors. This helps ensure quality.

Our 60-inch, 54-inch and 24-inch slitters are S.P.C. & J.I.T., ISO/TS 16949 certified.

Industries served

We are an approved vendor to most major automotive, appliance and HVAC manufacturers. We specialize in Types 1 and 2 aluminized steel. We also have an inventory of aluminized stainless 409, galvanized and aluminized steel tubing. Our steel is ideal for tailpipes and mufflers, industrial ovens, drying ovens, furnaces, water heaters, heaters and engine parts.            We have received many awards for our quality products and service.

Manufacturing process

We also have two 60-inch multi-cut blanking cut-to-length lines. Our machines are equipped with multi-roll shape correction levellers. These minimize burr and flatten steel.

Our Samson Roll Formed Products division provides custom-made steel rolls and does stamping, bending breaking, assembly and parting.

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