Block Steel Corp.
6101 Oakton St, Skokie, Illinois, 60077 2678 United States View map
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Block Steel Corp. has been producing and distributing steel for more than 60 years. We are the largest aluminized steel distributer in the United States.

A full service centre, we also have a 72-inch slitter and two 60-inch multi-cut blanking cut-to-length lines. Our machines are equipped with multi-roll shape correction levellers. These improve the steel’s flatness and minimize burr.

Our commitment to quality and service has earned us numerous awards. We have an inventory of more than 25,000 tons of steel. This allows us to fulfill any order quickly. We also distribute steel tubes. We are ISO/TS 16949 certified. We are a member of the Metal Service Centre Institute.

Product lines

We have a variety of steel sheets and products. We specialize in aluminized steel. Our ASTM-A463 is hot-dipped and coated on both sides with an aluminum/silicon alloy coating. We have both Type 1 and Type 2 in stock.

Type 1 is hot-dip coated with an aluminum/silicon alloy that has between 5 per cent and 11 per cent silicon. This promotes better adherence. It is best used in situations where heat-resistance is needed. Type 2 is hot-dipped coated with commercially pure aluminum. It is best used for items that need resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

We also have Type 1 409 and 439 stainless steel. The coating is Type 1 Aluminized. It contains approximately 91 per cent aluminum and 9 per cent silicon. This coating is metallurgically bonded to the steel. This makes the steel last longer.

We also have hot-dipped galvanized steel in stock.

Industries served

We are an approved vendor to most major automotive, appliance and HVAC manufacturers. Our steel is used in tailpipes and mufflers, industrial ovens, drying ovens, furnaces, water heaters, heaters and engine parts.  

Manufacturing process

We produce long-lasting, durable steel. This extends the life of products and thereby reduces costs. With our vast inventory and dedicated staff, we can quickly meet your needs.

Our Samson Roll Formed Products division provides custom-made steel rolls. Samson does a variety of value-added services, including stamping, bending breaking, assembly and parting.

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