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Quality ultrasonic sensors from Baumer Inc.

Baumer Inc. develops and produces superior ultrasonic sensors, suitable for various industries. For more than 60 years, our owner-managed family business has built a reputation for partnership, precision and a pioneering spirit. We have more than 2,300 workers in 38 subsidiary companies in 19 countries. We are represented in more than 60 countries with certified distributors. Our Canadian sales office is in Burlington, Ont. We are a D&B Rating certified company.

Product Lines

Baumer has various lines of ultrasonic sensors. The U500 Series of sensors are identical in size and design to our O500 photoelectric sensors. These sensors have a detection range of 1000 millimetres.  Our SONUS miniature ultrasonic sensors weigh only 4 grams and can sense from a distance of up to 200 millimetres. We also carry high-speed ultrasonic sensors that have a response time of 1.3 milliseconds and a sensing distance of up to 70 millimetres. These are specially designed to detect fast-moving, transparent and closely spaced objects. Our UNAR sensors are made to work with aggressive media in difficult or sensitive environments. The Series 12 sensors are cylindrical and have a sensing distance of up to 400 millimetres. Series 18 sensors have a sensing distance of up to 100 millimetres.

Our website includes a product finder that provides more details about our many ultrasonic sensors. Consultation is available with our knowledgeable customer service representatives.


Our compact sensors are used in various industries. High-speed sensors are used in the solar and semiconductor industries to precisely detect water. Some sensors can detect highly transparent objects, making them useful when packaging foils, blisters and bottles. Our products are also used in technology industries. Sensors in the U500 series are ideal for measuring filling in contained spaces. These sensors work well even in harsh conditions. Several of our sensors are made with FDA-approved materials. 

Manufacturing Process

Sensors are made with high-quality products, including stainless steel and parylene coating. Models can come with various accessories, including mounting brackets, sonic deflectors and different cables and cable-plugs. Many sensors come in both rectangular and cylindrical designs.

We constantly strive for innovation and excellence. We have trademarked products.



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