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Sensors: Inductive, Ultrasonic, Capacitive, Photoelectric

Baumer Inc. has a wide range of sensors including photoelectric, inductive, magnetic, capacitive, and ultrasonic. We offer sensing solutions for both presence detection and distance measuring. Our sensors can measure the widths, heights, diameters and positions of objects at high cycle times. The resolutions of our sensors are so precise they are measured in nanometers. We have miniature sensors that are perfect for applications with limited space. We carry hygienic and wash-down sensors that are compliant with FDA standards. No matter your application or specific requirements, we have the perfect sensors for you.


Photoelectric sensors

We have photoelectric sensors that can detect objects independent of material. They can measure distances, positions and sizes, even for objects with difficult surfaces.

Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors can detect conductive metal materials. They can measure position changes, paths and angles without contacting the objects. They offer distance measurement up to 16 mm and dimensions from 4 to 30 mm.

Ultrasonic sensors

We offer ultrasonic sensors that can measure distances and monitor the absolute position of moving objects. They work with transparent objects or glossy finishes, and can be used in environments with high levels of humidity and dust. They are often used for level detection or controlling stack height. They can provide distance information from a few mm to several meters.

Capacitive sensors

Capacitive sensors can detect objects whether they are transparent or opaque, liquid or solid, and metallic or non-metallic. They are ideally suited for detecting the presence of liquids, bulk goods, or diverse objects.

Magnetic sensors

Our magnetic sensors can perform up to 20,000 measurements every second. Common applications include detecting object presence, monitoring rotational speeds, and detecting the final positions of cylinders.

Sensor industries

We regularly serve a wide range of industries and applications such as machinery for packaging, machine tools, and medical technology; plant construction for the steel, chemical and food industries; renewable energy including wind turbines and solar; and transport including railed vehicles.

Sensor expertise

The Baumer group operates in over 60 countries and has a worldwide presence. We have more than 44 years’ experience in precision sensing. We invest in research and development to improve our products and bring innovative solutions to market. Our wide selection of products includes ultrasonic equipment, optical sensors, magnetic sensors and more.

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