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Photoelectric Controls: Reliable, Precise, and Simple

Baumer Inc. provides photoelectric controls for many applications. We have scanners, differential sensors, light barriers, color and contrast sensors and optical fibers. From monitoring filling levels to item positioning our wide portfolio enables us to supply the best solutions for you specific needs. Our sensor solutions have become the standard for a wide range of industries. Our sensors offer ranges up to 8000 mm. We have more than 44 years' experience specializing in precision sensing.

Photoelectric controls

The benefits of photoelectric controls include high precision, reliability, simple integration with your systems, versatility and high speed detection. Our portfolio of technologies, sensor principles and light sources offer many different options. Here are details on just some of our solutions. Visit our website for complete product listings.

O300 Series: the largest sensing distance in a compact 1 inch design. It is available with Baumer PinPoint LED, Standard LED, or infrared. Sensor ranges are from 200mm to 6000 mm.

SmartReflect : light barriers without reflectors that can reliably detect objects independent of shape, surface, color, and transparency.

Miniaturized optical sensors: our smallest sensors, perfect for applications in tight spaces. They offer adjustable sensing distances and background suppression.

Contrast sensors: typically used for print mark detection, these sensors can be used for many other applications including detection of indentations and edges, item positioning, and distinguishing between polished and unpolished surfaces.

Photoelectric controls industries

We have experience supplying products for industries including food and beverage, water and wastewater, chemical, oil and gas, packaging, medical, transport, and logistics. Applications for photoelectric controls include counting of components, monitoring filling levels, detecting objects or print marks, and recognizing colours.

Photoelectric controls expertise

As a leader in new technologies we cooperate with universities and institutes. Twelve per cent of our workforce is dedicated to research and development and our engineers and designers are always working on new ways to make our products even better. Our focus on innovation has led to developments in photoelectric controls such as the O300 Series that has become the international standard.

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