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Encoders: Absolute, Incremental, Cable-Pull

Baumer Inc. has a diverse portfolio of encoders to suit any application. The variety of types we supply includes absolute encoders, incremental encoders, bearingless encoders, and cable-pull encoders. We supply many different models of each encoder type. We have extensive experience serving industries from food and beverage to oil and gas. We have encoders that are designed for extreme conditions, and will stand up to shocks and high temperatures. We have compact encoders with housing diameters as small as 24 mm. Visit our website for details on our portfolio of precise and reliable encoders.


Absolute encoders

We have absolute singleturn and multiturn encoders available with either magnetic or optical scanning. They can provide detection of positioning and additional speed for many applications ranging from wind power plants to elevators.

Incremental encoders

Our incremental encoders provide precise detection of speed or position, using either magnetic or optical scanning. We offer high-resolution versions with up to 320,000 pulses per revolution. They are available with all standard mechanical interfaces, sine signals, HTL or TTL.

HeavyDuty encoders

Baumer HeavyDuty encoders can provide reliable, fail-safe performance even in the harshest conditions. They are useful for applications such as steel mills, heavy vehicles, wind turbines, lifting bridges and container crane systems.

Bearingless encoders

Bearingless encoders feature non-contact operation and most of them use magnetic scanning. They are practically wear-free and their service life is virtually unlimited. Dirt, dust, or humidity will not affect their function.

Cable-pull encoders

Our cable-pull encoders are used for measuring up 50 m lengths. They offer one of the most reliable methods for linear position measurement. They are ideal for series production by OEMs. Our cable-pull encoders are used for linear positioning tables, lifting systems, drilling, excavating and more.

Encoder industries

We have experience working with many industries such as packaging machinery, textiles, medical technology, food and beverage, steel, utilities, transport and logistics. So no matter your application, we have the technical knowledge and wide range of products to assist you.

Encoder expertise

Baumer has more than 44 years’ experience in precision sensing. Our wide selection of products includes precision limit switches, counters, tachometers, mounting accessories, photoelectric, ultrasonic, and magnetic sensors.

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